100 years of gay shame

The highest court in Moscow has upheld a 100 year ban on gay pride parades.


    1. When you notice that your neighbor has developed rabies, it’s hard to get excited about any one symptom.

  1. Russia seems to be back on the downslide to re-criminalizing homosexuality. Bet the bill for that will pop up within the next year.

    In all seriousness one can’t expect almost 60 years of societal beliefs to be eradicated in less than 20. Hopefully the younger generation will be more tolerant and keep that mindset as the old guard dies out.  

    (Edited because my math was wrong, sorry.)

    1. It’s getting worse. With Putin’s successful President/PM shell game, I think that it’s safe to say that Russia has fully returned to totalitarianism.

      1. Besides, Putin probably looks like shit in assless leather chaps. (Now I have this image of him in just that leading Medvedev around in a leash with a spiked collar and a ball-gag in his mouth. Someone kill me.)

      1. Maybe so, but I am still much more worried about all the rotting warheads sitting in silos, heh heh heh.

    1. I’ll never get tired of hearing the BBC newscasters saying “Pussy Riot” in their serious tone.

  2. Aw nuts. I was kind of hoping this going to be a story about ban established 100 years ago, because that would actually go a long way toward explaining the mindset.

  3. Well, there’s the solution right their in your title!  Hold gay shame parades.  Dark clothes, somber music, slow march.  Use it to shame Moscow.  At least it’ll make a point.  But there will be one huge drawback.

    Won’t be as much fun.

  4. So…you just call it a Gay Shame Parade and it’s okay, right? From the court decision: “Все гомосексуалисты должны конвертировать свои CMYK радужные флаги в оттенках серого.” Or roughly, “All homosexuals must convert their CMYK rainbow flags to grayscale.”

  5. So basically, in 2112 it will be safe to be gay in Space Russia? This completely explains the imagery of Rush’s seminal album: 2112!!!!

      1. You know how 1984 was really an analogy about life in 1948? Then 2112 is an analogy about life in 2012. Rush? Russia? It all MAKES SENSE!!! THINK ABOUT IT!

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