Diamond Rings- "I’m Just Me” (free MP3)


14 Responses to “Diamond Rings- "I’m Just Me” (free MP3)”

  1. jandrese says:

    This man’s image must not be constructed for me, because I look at that picture and see the douchiest looking person I’ll see all week.  

  2. Adam Christensen says:

    Diamond Rings is a nice dude and his music persona is pretty sincere. His music videos are always fun and impressive. For example:


  3. philmillman says:

    his old band The D’Urbervilles is far superior in my opinion. 

  4. adent1066 says:

    Sounds a bit like the singer in Kon Kan

  5. noah django says:

    in the interests of being open-minded, I gave it a shot.  its pretty cool.  i can definitely see it rocking a dance floor.  i can also see it getting over-played, played-out, and annoying.  time will tell.

  6. Halloween_Jack says:

    He’s like an average of every single 80s synthpop star. More Max Headroom than Max Headroom, really.

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