List of Satan's hobbies was a page from a dead-on Jack Chick tract parody about Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal

Troy of Cult Jam Pro says:

You did a post about "Satan's Spiritual Structure" on July 18.

The list was part of a tongue-in-cheek Jack Chick tract that we at Cultjam Productions created to promote our satirical film "Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story" -- which can be viewed here.

The entire Chick tract parody can be viewed on our blog.

Here's Metroactive's article about the short film.


  1. “Susan, why did you say those horrible but true things about us?  Were you possessed?” 

    “Um.  Yes, that was it, I was possessed.”

  2. It should also be noted that it’s not that it’s common for a patient to be operated on for a tumour that may or may not be malignant.  They often don’t know the status until the pathologist exams the cells.  This is a more likely explanation of the events, that Susan was operated on, it was a benign tumour, it was reported third hand as “no cancer was found”.  While I can not definitively rule out the intervention of Jesus or Bobby Jindahl, it’s pretty typical standard operating procedure in oncology.

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