In case you thought Marie on Breaking Bad was a little annoying, let this interview with Betsy Brandt change your mind


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  1. Blazeldude says:

    I like Marie. Skyler is unbearable. I’m still rooting for Walt, am I evil?

  2. McCarthy says:

    The problem with Marie is that the character is not used well.  She’s a kelpto, and outside of stealing a tiara for the baby, it serves no purpose.   It’s one of those quirks that they wrote for her when they didn’t know where to go with the show.  Now if she starts stealing lots from Skyler in this season, then I’m OK with it. 

  3. Three says:

    Three or four episodes in a row? Amateurs. :)

    I really wonder if Marie’s quite extensive powers of storytelling and kleptomania will figure in the final episodes. I’d love to see her skills used in bringing down Walt. 

  4. Glippiglop says:

    Really?  I always thought that Skyler was the most hated BB character.  Personally I don’t mind either of them, but the IMDB board is rife with hate for Skyler.  Similarly, Larry’s wife on CYE also copped a lot of hate for ‘being whiny’, and that really picked up leading up to their separation.  For Skyler, the scorn was really poured on when Anna Gunn gained a little weight inbetween series 3 and 4 I think it was.  It’s not even relevant to the damn show.

    I’ve long felt that people that absolutely hate a TV character are just projecting their own personal life issues onto what they see on screen.  I think a lot of men really have it in for TV wives that don’t play a quiet play-along supporting role to their husband.  It’s petty and shameful IMO.

    • Keith Tyler says:

       I think praying for the day your husband’s terminal cancer returns is WAYY beyond “not playing a quiet play-along supporting role.”

      • Mark Temporis says:

        In Skyler’s defense, she only said that after Walt has become utterly, completely irredeemable. Skyler comes across as a little whiny and bitchy, but give the woman some slack — she’s married to a complete monster. 

        To boot, she can’t really complain or even talk about her problems with ANYONE other than Walt, who’s completely unsympathetic, wrapped up in his own problems, oh…and completely made of angry.

        • Bobsyeruncle says:

           I haven’t been following Breaking Bad, but I did catch the first 4 episodes.  Skyler was a bitch from day 1 when Walt was just a chemistry teacher and a carwash attendant struggling to keep a roof over everyone’s heads while coughing up his lungs.

          • retchdog says:

            they soft-pedal her bitchiness a bit later.

            now, while i’m pretty sure they did that as a sort of character ret-con, there’s a more chilling interpretation: that any kindness she showed was part of a sort of condescending smokescreen as she counted the days until walt either died or recovered enough that she could leave him. i hadn’t thought of it that way before.

  5. EH says:

    Thanks SPINOFF (whoever you are), a spoiler in the second sentence!

    • memoid says:

      Hm, it’s a recent interview about a contemporary show, plus it says “she’s talking about upcoming episodes” in the introduction – what made you think there would be no spoilers?

  6. Keith Tyler says:

    I’ve no idea how anyone can hate Marie more than Psycho Hose Beast Skyler. Seriously, suicide attempts for attention went out with Landis movies. Grow the fuck up! Marie, in comparison, is a hapless sweetheart. I would like to envision a triumphant epic end where Walter slays Hank and takes Marie as conquest.

  7. TrollyMcTrollington says:

    By all that is holy, I hope they do not, NOT make a BB movie.   Finish the season well, and put it to bed.  
    Last season’s finale  would have made a great series finale.  I’m underwhelmed with this season so far.

    • No, season 4′s ending was wonderful because it revealed just how bad and broken Walt really is.  An ending that says, “Oh, he’s way evil-er than you thought, and by the way he won” would be an interesting take, but not a satisfying one.  Personally, I don’t think I’ll accept any finale where Walt doesn’t end up dead, brought down by his own anger and arrogance.

      We see it already: he’s becoming increasingly reckless and careless, and all the people in his life are falling away.  Skylar is starting to put up a fight.  Jessie is wondering what the hell it’s all for.  Hank is closing in.He’s gone from lovable loser to system-fighting rebel to midlife crisis thrill-seeker, only to wind up at irredeemable megalomaniac.  His character arc has been like watching a Shakespearean tragedy.  But we all know how those end.

      • WTF Disqus?  I swear to Cthulhu I put white space in there.

      • TrollyMcTrollington says:

         You describe a Hollywood ending, bad guy always gets what’s coming to him sort of story.  I hope they don’t go that trite.

        • You call it “a Hollywood ending.”  I call it “good storytelling.”  You could shoot down any ending that’s not completely random or out of left field as a “Hollywood ending.”  

          Walt got where he is today by taking huge gamble after huge gamble, relying on his own wit and improvisation to win against impossible odds.  That’s why we keep watching, and even rooting for him, despite the fact that the man is a cancer upon humankind who wants to build a meth empire.  The sensible place to stop the story is when his luck finally runs out.  

          In my mind, that means he dies.  Another interesting ending might be, “he’s behind bars, but here’s a hint that he’s going to keep running his empire from inside the prison walls.”  You could also give him his smooth-running meth empire, if he had to sacrifice the last thing he cared about to get it (Jessie).  

          But those are all “Hollywood endings.”  There are a million ways to end the series with “life isn’t like a story and nothing really means anything.”  But honestly, that’s a worn and uninteresting story in itself, and not one worth telling.  People don’t tune in for “rocks fall, everyone dies,” and why should they?

          see also:

  8. Daemonworks says:

    Most of the people in my circle have that reaction to River Song in Doctor Who…

  9. Dan C. Sharp says:

    I think Walt’s teenage son is by far the most annoying character. 

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