Ever wanted lunch with Bob Odenkirk? This could be your chance

As the strikes rocking Hollywood continue to drag on, the actors, writers and directors affected face increasingly tenuous living situations with no source of income. To help its members stay afloat, the Union Solidarity Coalition has tapped a few of its A-listers to auction off a few curated experiences, the proceeds from which will go directly to WGA and SAG-AFTRA members in need to help tide them over until a more favorable deal can be reached.

Even if you don't have thousands to throw down on an afternoon with your favorite celebrity, it's worth reading through the list of what's on offer just to marvel at it. Would you pay $2,000 for 20 minutes with Sarah Silverman? How about $2,500 for Adam Scott to walk your dog? (You can come too if you want, apparently.)

The one that caught my eye, however, is an in-person dinner with legendary comedy duo Bob Odenkirk and his slightly less famous other half David Cross, which – while genuinely tempting, as I do live in LA – has also been bidded up to $9,300, and will probably break $10,000 before all is said and done. At least you know it'll be going to a good cause.