Wookiees and Slave Leias in great number

Spotted at last year's DragonCon: a large collection of Slave Leias and a couple Chewies, chilling poolside:

Matt and I stumbled across this group purely by chance. If anyone knows who the group was, or who organized the shoot, please let me know. I would like to give them credit for the setup.

Slave Leias by the pool


  1. Am I wrong to assume those are men hidden in those hairy suits and per: our social standards the women are in bikinis? Just guessing. And given the Paul Ryan/Akins thing going on, it’s really starting to depress me.

    1.  And I’m still a little annoyed by your comment.  Have you ever watched any of teh Star Wars movies?  (I’m not a big fan myself, but I have the drift).  Are you seriously lacking in the the sense of humor dept.?  Can you let us off the hook here?  It’s supposed to be funny.

      1.  You’re right. I’m politicizing everything these days. I think I have mid-presidential campaign PTSS.

  2. Where can I get stilt wookiefeet?  I would like to do some ceiling work, and I would like to do it on telescoping wookiefeet.

  3. The image attached to this post…the buxom wives of Chewbacca lounging with their man…

    …viewing this image, my nipples explode with delight…almost to the same degree of ecstasy I approach when I contemplate the  Witch of Wookey Hole. 

    She’s dynamite!


    The other Wookie, who’s head is visible, is Chewbacca’s Academy bro and wingman, Arriwwrcahwowhwahaaag.

  4.  IIRC, Carrie Fisher’s metal bikini in ROTJ kept peeling itself off her breasts, a problem it seems that not even today’s modern lingerie/swimwear/con-fetishwear (I’m not sure which term is appropriate for this exact situation) still is unable to remedy.  To the benefit of the leches among the lurkers…… And the loudmouth louts.

      1. From what I remember, they metalwork was very poorly contoured, and all one piece welded or soldered together. When Carrie Fisher would lean back onto anything rigid, the metal part in front would end up getting pushed forward or pop upward exposing her from most angles, except for the one the camera was taking

  5.  You misunderstand: the problem is not a failure to understand that the picture is supposed to be funny. The problem is that although the picture is clearly SUPPOSED to be funny, it isn’t ACTUALLY funny. Maybe because the supposed humour depends entirely on treating women in general, and Princess Leia in particular (who was actually pretty kick-ass in the movies) as sex objects.

    1. i think the picture is funny & pretty cool, they have all made a great effort for the convention and appear to be enjoying themselves – which is always nice to see.

  6. Ah! The perfect place and time to post a link to my friend’s Klingon band performing with a Wookie belly dancer !

    1. Oh my. That was a lot weirder than I thought it would be. The Wookiee female is clearly talented. But why did she have to don the human belly dancing garb!? That looked really kind of disturbing. Also not sure about the deconstructive approach to classical Klingon music.

      1.  The outfit is part of the dance, it’s designed to move in a specific way that a wookie’s hair wouldn’t.

    2. I gotta say — that was pretty amazing. The band was hard to listen to but the Wookie belly dancer really has it going on !

  7. The Leia Shoot occurs pretty much yearly at Dragon Con, and it’s organized by the Leias ourselves. I don’t think it’s going to happen this year though because Star Wars Celebration VI is this weekend, the weekend before dragon con, and there’s a big shoot happening down there. I know because I participate, I’m Tiny Leia, (facebook.com/tinyleia if you want to see pics from some of the earlier shoots)

  8. “…why that’s a nice gold bikini; you make that?Shows off what you got, no mistake: that’sone fine view of Chewbacca you’re giving me.”
    MC Frontalot – Yellow Lasers

  9. I wish this kind of thing was more common so I wouldn’t have to feel as self-concious about my own back hair whenever I go poolside.

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