About the cameras on Curiosity: "Taking pictures on Mars"

At the Economist, Glenn Fleishmann writes about the 17 cameras on board the Curiosity rover on Mars. That's "seven more than any previous exploratory vehicle," he writes. They "store images in a raw, unprocessed format and initially beam back tiny thumbnails (which NASA uploads as they come in). The scientists working on different aspects of the mission meet daily to determine which of the thumbnails to download in higher resolution. The 'health and safety' of the rover takes priority. After the deliberations, which can last over an hour, instructions are dispatched to Mars."


  1. Wow, 2MP cameras with 8GB memory cards. But even more amazing, it can only send back 30MB per Sol. Seems like we should be able to get some better bandwidth than that. Maybe with uplinks to the orbiting craft?

        1.  Hey! good idea…Angry Birds in Space…. hum… maybe I should patent it….damn! too late!

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