New Boing Boing T-shirt: Robots, by Tom Gauld

The great cartoonist Tom Gauld (The Gigantic Robot, Goliath) designed our latest Boing Boing T-shirt. It's called "Robots."

New Boing Boing T-shirt: Robots, by Tom Gauld: $16.95

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  1. So I’m wondering why the baby snapsuit doesn’t have the plaid woman with the jackhammer down in its crotch? Cuz every baby I’ve ever met needs some excavation down there.

  2. Again, put them on buttons/pins and you don’t need to worry about sizes and they’re smaller items to ship.
    I’ve seen hardly any cool t-shirts  that appeal to me that I wouldn’t have preferred in button form (aside from a few that need the larger size for their artwork; slogans don’t need anything more than a button’s space to work).

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