Building an indoor hurricane at the University of Miami


5 Responses to “Building an indoor hurricane at the University of Miami”

  1. DewiMorgan says:

    Hardly an “indoor hurricane”: it’s the size of a Dutch barge.

    But that should be big enough to get some good data on  ocean/wind interaction.

  2. d3matt says:


    if you do visit the gulf, go east of the Mississippi River or south of Corpus Christi, TX

    •  But then you miss out on our local beach games like shipspotting and debris hunting.

      But the water is indeed warm. I grew up on the Gulf and I couldn’t believe how cold the water is in California.

  3. Jim Kelly says:

    This is actually the *second* hurricane simulator on Key Biscayne. The long lost (okay closed in 1991) Planet Ocean attraction across the street from UM used to have a “walk-through hurricane room” calibrated to scare the bejesus out of fourth-graders.

    They also had a *touchable iceberg*. Damn, I miss being a kid in South Florida in the Seventies.

  4. Kai Sikorski says:

    Don’t you have to match the Reynolds number to something resembling what it would be for a Hurricane to get useful data? The size of the tank is orders of Magnitude below the size of a hurricane, so don’t you need wind speeds orders of Magnitude higher?

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