Woman dies after police kick her in the genitals; LAPD now investigating 'Questionable Tactics'

A drug-addicted woman who dropped off her two children at a police station because she recognized that she was unable to care for them was tracked down by LAPD officers who reportedly told her to "get your fat ass in the car," threatened to stomp her genitals, then followed through on that threat.

35-year-old Alesia Thomas is reported to have been "combative." After being stomped in the groin, she suffocated while being taken into custody, and died.

Why do we know about this, and why are five LAPD officers now under internal and criminal investigation in her death? The altercation in front of her apartment was captured by a patrol car's video camera.

This news comes in the same week that Los Angeles Police chief Charlie Beck vowed an investigation into another video that shows two Los Angeles police officers body-slam another woman, Michelle Jordan, 34, for using her cell phone while driving. While the law in California says that using a cellphone while driving is reckless and dangerous to one's self and others, it's not violent behavior (and you've probably done it yourself).

The 5'4" tall mother, who works as a registered nurse, pulled over into a Del Taco fast food restaurant parking lot after being flagged down by the officers for her mobile phone use. She then got out of her car.

Surveillance video from the Del Taco camera shows that two male police officers slammed her into the ground—twice.

Then, they exchange a celebratory fist-bump.

To protect and serve.


      1. If cops faced real consequences for their crimes, they would be unable to do their jobs.  They cannot simultaneously maintain control over society and follow the law.

        Because it doesn’t matter what the law books say the job of police is, any institution given a monopoly on force will necessarily push past those limits.  They will do so in service of politicians, or wealth, or even just to protect their own power.

        It’s called mission creep, and it’s inevitable the moment we set out on the mission to control society with a specialized para-military force.  The police as we know them must go.

          1.  Sagodjur,

            I’m still not sure how Capital 7 thought Zikzak’s statement that “the police as we know them must go,” or Zikzak’s statement generally, would make him an idiot. I think Zikzak’s statement was quite reasonable.

          2. Sirkowski,

            Uh huh.

            An anarchist would probably hold that cops shouldn’t be above the law; I would. A great many liberals and even many conservatives would also hold the same position.

            A moral relativist could certainly hold that cops shouldn’t be above the law. A moral non-relativist would have to, though, wouldn’t she?

            How is any of this “moral relativist anarchist bullshit”?

            In response to your other post that:

            “I called him an anarchist. Maybe I should’ve called him a fascist. Extremists are all the same. When faced with a problem; destroy.”

            A fascist would probably hold that cops should be above the law, and the institution should be structured to give them even more power.

            And what do you have against demanding reform or abolition of systems that are killing people? How is any of this “moral relativist anarchist bullshit”?

        1. cops are a civilian force.. they are not military.. para-military.. they are civilians dressed in uniforms.. and as such are subject to civilian law.. adopting attitudes such as a civilian police force must act as military within a war zone (and there are rules within that situation also), is to have want for a police state or martial law.. to allow this, or turn a blind eye, to this is to accept the action..

  1. In the KTLA video a witness seems to me to demonstrate the fear of police retaliation. The gentleman, if he saw the arrest, probably did see why the officers are under investigation, if there substance to the allegations.

    dude seems less than certain he should speak at all

  2. Jesus.  I work in a rehab facility, and understanding first hand the crazy decisions addicts make this so terribly sad.   She made the best attempt she could, with a very broken brain and thinking process, to get her kids out of her care.    Pity she had to die to get what she hoped for them.

    1. spot on. this woman was killed for trying to do the right thing by her kids. It amazes me to hear the reporter making a point say the victim was under investigation for child endangerment. She dropped her kids off at the police station so they would not be in danger…. That child endangerment misdirection is totally crap.

  3. Criminals in positions of authority should pay a higher price when convicted of a crime.

    Talk about an abuse of position!

  4. Tangentally related: There is a bill before California’s governor which would protect drug users from legal repercussions when seeking medical help for an overdose, since many people die each year because they or their friends are afraid of being arrested if they do so. While this bill passed the state legislature it did encounter opposition from members of one political party. I’ll let you all have fun trying to guess which one.

    1. From what I understand, if it’s legitimate police abuse, the justice system has ways to shut that whole thing down.

      Oh wait, not even Todd Akin would say something so outlandish

    1. Nope.  They get caught all the damn time, but when the gangs shoot each other there are no witnesses or dash cam of the events.

      1. They get away with a startling amount. You don’t hear about it — that’s what getting away with it means. I lived in LA for 27 years, and the cops scared the shit out of me. And I’m a middle class white guy.

  5. Another reason for me to move the hell out of this area as soon as possible. I’m just lucky I only work in LA. I’m grateful everyday that I get to live in Burbank.

  6. Oh hey, look! Just as I start thinking that Transmetropolitan is a contemporary documentary, something like this happens and reaffirms that we’re not QUITE there yet.

    Not that we’re far away, just not quite there yet.

  7. The 1st report I read said that the bodyslam recipient was “holding” her phone.  Only noteworthy as I have known more people recently pulled over for that without actually talking on the phone.  They don’t care if you are using the speaker phone or GPS: the police can get you for just having it in your hand.

    1. Wouldn’t it depend on why people want to become part of the police force? Some of them might be simply naive and just want to help their community.

      1. “Old rookies” are what those guys are called, someone who gets through their twenties and decides they aren’t making a difference in the world so they become cops to make the world a better place.  Yes, it’s naive but it happens.  Those guys either become fantastic cops or get beaten down by the system so quickly they get out or become completely ineffective.

  8. Just more evidence that you can’t trust the cops any more than you can trust anybody else.   Probably less, actually.  Power corrupts.  Man, they must hate that cop cam.

  9. Police officers need to be held to a higher standard. 

    If they are caught brutalizing the people they are supposed to be protecting, if it is recorded (as it often is), they need to go to jail, lose their jobs, lose their pensions.   No excuses.  No “The job is so hard” crap.  If it is too hard for you, quit.  If you can’t take dealing with difficult people and stay professional, you should never go into a job where — surprise — you deal with difficult people every day.

    And if I was a cop I would WANT this.  I would want the bad cops gone so that the reputation of cops in general would stop sinking like a stone. 

    1. You are spot on. I fear the police more than criminals and I am a middle aged, middle class white guy with a wife and a kid. Every time something like this happens it adds to the fear and a million saintly acts wont counter it. If the “job is so hard” why make it harder by eroding the last bit of respect the people you are suppose to “protect and serve” have for you?

  10.  Man I hate to defend the Republican party, but come on. That kind of demagoguery helps no one. There are plenty of things to complain about in the modern Republican party, but promoting violent physical abuse of women isn’t one of them.

  11. Ignorance of a woman’s reproductive system and an unhealthy obsession with nonviable fetal growths does not equal a platform of beating up women.

    I don’t understand why people insist on attacking Republicans for things they don’t believe in when there is so many awful things they do. It just leads to Republicans justifying attacks on Obama for similar bullshit.

    Be better than that.

  12. I’m with you. What the LAPD has to do with republicans is anyone’ s guess. The mayor is a fucking democrat, people. 

  13. I agree that being hyperbolic doesn’t help, but please think harder about the context behind Akin’s statement.  It’s not ignorance, it’s a specific false belief.  There’s a story behind that false belief.  There’s a story behind the idea of “legitimate rape” as well.  Think a little harder about the legal ramifications of these beliefs.

  14. good link, but did you read the dissenting argument? (Full disclosure – I hate Republicans AND Democrats equally) 
    Here is are the stated reason why they voted against it http://www.whatthefolly.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/VAWA-Minority-views-from-Senators-Grassley-Hatch-Kyl-and-Cornyn.pdf 
    Here is a short breakdown
    The dissenters supported the VAWA programs and want to continue to fund them. The re-autorization however included many new (what they see as questionable) provisions. 

    Personally, I find it abhorrent that there exists a special set of laws based entirely on gender. I see the VAWA as something we need to end and now. All people, regardless of gender and other factors, deserve equal protection and consideration under the law.

  15.  Yeah, the “crap” they disagreed with was provisions for gay people, immigrants and Native Americans.  That makes their disagreement to the bill even less palatable to me.  This is a bill that has historically had bi-partisan support but when Democrats added provisions for women who need extra help when it comes to being victims of violence, a lot of Republicans voted against it.  You tell me if that makes those Republicans look better or worse.  By the way, all 5 female Republican senators voted for it and a few male Republican senators did as well.  It’s not like there was something in the bill that all Republicans would object to just because they were Republicans.

  16. All people, regardless of gender and other factors, deserve equal protection and consideration under the law.

    Tell you what: when rich and poor get equal protection under the law I’ll change my mind about whether women and minorities need legal protections that white males don’t.

  17. You can say this with a straight face after just reading an article about a poor, minority, drug-addicted woman who was murdered after being kicked IN THE VAGINA by police officers who are now being investigated for “questionable tactics”?!


    Your reality is so fucking different from mine, it’s not even funny.

    Let me guess: You’re white, male, and probably libertarian or conservative.


    She was kicked in the vagina! For being a poor, black, drug-addicted woman. She was murdered! By police. And you think she got equal treatment?! What is wrong with you?

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