Late '60s ad for space jobs at NASA JPL


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  1. mrfixitrick says:

    Flaming, burning rockets no longer give me that science-fiction sense of wonder. With new plasma-based field technology, the days of  chemical combustion as a means of propulsion have come to an end.

    The new paradigm is Jetson-like hovering vehicles that have no wings or propellors, accelerating instantly  by magnetic-gravitational fields. With no burning or pollution.

    To glimpse a future that reinvigorates that precious sense of sci-fi wonder we had, check out this new Keshe Foundation intro video…

    • desiredusername says:

      There are a lot of cool applications of plasma physics currently being researched that are also abundantly detailed on Wikipedia, but Keshe’s soda bottle isn’t mentioned as one of them. That video instills a different kind of wonder for me and it’s not reinvigorating.

    • Grey Eyed Man of Destiny says:

      I have a hard time believing a foundation that has discovered the future of propulsion (and “health systems”) hasn’t yet mastered how to make an info-vid more convincing than your average herbal male enhancement ad. And a cola bottle with a multimeter? Really?

      (but cool JPL ad. And no need for a mohawk!)

    • Preston Sturges says:

      “I can’t come to the phone right now because I’m probably sitting in the orgone box.”

    • I love keshe! Spinach and mushroom is my favorite, but I like the classic Keshe Lorraine as well. I’m not familiar with the anti-gravity version, however. How does that work? Whipping the egg whites separately? 

  2. Sagodjur says:

    I’ve always been more into cyberpunk and earth-bound science fiction. I think we’ll see a world closer to SeaQuest (the 1st season) or Neuromancer sooner than we will see a world like Star Trek. Computing technology is infinitely more accessible to everyday people than interstellar travel can be.

  3. Teller says:

    That close-cut Futura has Jay Chiat all over it.

  4. complicatedcrustation says:

    This is wonderful! A perfect example of both ad copy of the time and the dreams of a nation. Thank you so much for posting this! A treasure!

  5. MauiJerry says:

    Great find Xeni!!
    The copy gives me great inspiration for calls to action for

  6. I just applied for a media job over at JPL.  If I get in, I’ll see if we can have you on as a special guest, or at least with your permission we can use your beautiful bald head as a visual aid for planetary exploration.

    Oh and one more off topic thing.  I actually don’t think Mike is dead (Br).

  7. Haroun says:

    Why does that earpiece make him look like a rocket scientist & my (& everyone else’s) bluetooth makes me look like a dickhead?

  8. pjcamp says:

    I thought Napoleon Solo worked for U.N.C.L.E.

  9. Updated, now with more #BOBAK!

  10. Preston Sturges says:

    “Brylcreem a little dab’ll do ya!”

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