XKCD's 14-foot-wide CLICK AND DRAG map


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  1. endymion says:

    I also thought this xkcd was astonishing, and something new.

    Can someone please explain the House of Leaves connection? Does it have something to do with the first line of the comic (“from the stories”) which I also didn’t understand?

  2. This was/is awesome. It’s like the GD Tardis.

  3. xzzy says:

    Well, I just found something the magic trackpad is not good for.

  4. Paul Renault says:

    I was sooo glad I’m on vacation, so I could explore, this morning.  I thought I had found almost everything, but I was sure there was something I’d missed.  Thanks!

    /Off to look for a bowl of petunias…

    //Edited to add: It’s not 14 feet wide. It’s at least two miles wide.

    ///While I’m here: “Really, miles, Randall Munroe? Never heard of SI?”

    ////Final edit: a clue to the size of the drawing is in the drawing.

  5. jerwin says:

    My wrists thank you for the zoomable map. It destroys some of the serendipity of suddenly seeing a balloon, or a isolated cave passage, but such is life..

  6. planettom says:

    So the two things that seem most unlikely to find through random exploration (Easter Egg-ish) are the high-altitude space whales…

    …and, far beneath the sea platform, there’s a jellyfish or giant squid or Cthulhu or something, watching a TV screen, apparently.

    But most of the things in there seem to be specific references, not just random gags…

    The space whales could be a Douglas Adams reference (But since there are two of them I don’t really think so), or a STAR TREK IV riff.  

    Maybe it’s just sort of general purpose Space Whales as might appear on some Roger Dean album artwork or something.

    But the jellyfish/squid/Cthulhu watching what appears to be a video screen….       any ideas?   

    I’m reminded of one Arthur C. Clarke short story where a guy is in a deep-sea submersible and starts communicating with giant squid through electronic images (in his case, projected from a screen, in their case, actually formed on their own bodies via luminosity).

  7. Lotney says:

    This one really got to me. I got lost in the caves and every little person I found there made me feel a little less alone. It reminded me constantly of Blind Descent, a book I read some time ago about supercave exploration that I actually discovered through Boing Boing. 

  8. SamSam says:

    For the best experience, you should certainly spend at least ten minutes or so at the original, clicking through. Yes it can be a slog, but it’s a slog travelling around the world as well!

    After you have had the joy of stumbling upon enough fun experiences, only then jump to the zoomable map….

  9. sorrykb says:

    Whales are “Fantasia 2000″ reference??

  10. Luis Montes says:

    Did a stitching of the screen  and some more explanation here:  https://plus.google.com/103067286453763274834/posts/8jBSM31xBCX

    You can get low res 10 megapixel version :)

  11. lorq says:

    I’m really impressed by how Munroe keeps topping himself.  Some serious commitment to quality control there.

  12. knoxblox says:

    I wonder how many people think about this, tl;dc&d

  13. nathanroberts says:

    I searched and searched through the world looking for the Minecraft gag that I knew had to be there. And sure enough, it was. Exactly how I imagined it, even.

    I must say that the zoomable version is far superior, even if you don’t use the zoom, if for no other reason than being able to navigate with the keyboard.

  14. 14 meters wide, not feet (re:title)

  15. Mister User says:

    This made me go and play TERRARIA again - 

  16. ScottCh says:

    I was certain that there would be a shark suspended from a large baloon drifting somewhere, and…  I haven’t seen it.

  17. Michael says:

    I really want a version I could download and save my current position.

  18. There’s some speculation in the XKCD forum that this could be the last, or maybe penultimate, XKCD. I hope they’re wrong, and I’m just being Chicken Little mentioning it here. But if they’re right, this is an amazing way to go out.


  19. David Carroll says:

    Scrolling across the landscape reminds me of Limbo (which is a good thing, in a creepy way).

  20. Ted Bautista says:

    instant RSI … but … still … can’t … stop.

  21. skyhawk1 says:

    A nice way to spend time during a rainy afternoon.

  22. Gavin Hamill says:

    Anyone reminded of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet? http://www.gagneint.com/itsp/itsp_main_art_02.html

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