Archie comic from 1972 about 2012

NewImage Reportedly snipped from an Archie comic from 1972 in which he time travels to 2012. Even if the 1972/2012 bit is off, it's a great panel anyway. (via @coseyfannitutti)


  1. I wish somebody would cite the specific issue for people who might want to try to track it down.

    It’s bizarre that the artists expected, in only 40 years, that people would wear those silly “retro-futuristic” outfits, while meanwhile the comuters look like something out of ’50s corporate data processing centers with an enormous console and a reel-to-reel tape drive.

        1.  Sugar, Sugar was/is a great song, but their body of work doesn’t really extend much farther than that (does it?). For a group with a meaty playlist, I go for The Monkees. Hell, Jimi Fuckin’ Hendrix opened some of their concerts!

      1.  Hey! If it was good enough in ’69, it’s good enough now. The bell bottoms are really frayed tho. And the leisure suit just had to go. Wait. that one was 70’s. And while your at it, GET OFF MY LAWN!!

    1. Well, remember that not only had Moore’s law not been around very long at that point (and almost certainly not percolated down to old-school cartoonists like Dan DeCarlo), but that the trend toward making computers smaller even as they grew more powerful had also not really entered the public imagination. One of the most shocking things to most people, upon seeing their first personal computer, was that not only were they affordable (although much more expensive, relatively speaking, than they are today), but that they weren’t any larger than a typewriter with a small TV perched on top of it. 

    1. Archie’s yarmulke-wearing tour guide failed to mention that singing has been replaced by the rhythmic chanting of street poetry.  “Nobody’s really grooving” is just Archie’s way of saying, “You kids call that music?  Why, back in my day…”

  2. It seems strange that Futuredude would be talking about how no one’s played instruments in “centuries” if this were really set in 2012. I’d bet Archie really traveled to somewhen in the more distant future, and then someone thought this made for better Facebookery.

    1. Agreed. Who knows if it’s even from 1972. For example, it could be a more recent issue from the Jughead’s Time Police spin-off.

    2. According to Wikipedia, Archie never travels to 2012. However, there is an ‘Archie 3000’ storyline, which is probably where this comes from: “Archie 3000 displays the (presumed) descendants of Archie and the gang living in the year 3000, which is realized as a 1950s-style art deco world of flying cars, moving sidewalks, domed houses, and gaudy “futuristic” hairstyles and clothes (similar to The Jetsons).”

    1. If it was dubstep, there’d be at least one character arguing that it was really brostep or just trance, not dubstep, arguing how many beats it had, trying to explain their definition of dubstep, then beatboxing to demonstrate what teh Real Dubstep sounds like.

    1. Actually they’re floor-to-ceiling touch-sensitive flat screens that are currently displaying a cool retro “skin” UI.  You can see the guy with the red hat tapping on the screen.

    1.  maybe architectural items in big cities with tall buildings eventually succumb to wear and tear from decades of aging and bits and pieces start raining down constantly, faster than repairs can keep things up.  It’s already happening with jet planes dropping random pieces.

  3. Seems about right. He’s apparently wandered into some hipster nest of fixie bicyclists, who hooked up an iPod to a retro stereo console.

    1. Archie gives off the vibe of an irredeemably squaresville teenager who regularly listens to Pat Boone and Perry Como records.

  4. I keep thinking, it is 2012, and there is sexual, racial, and economic equality, and that advances in psychology and healthcare have made huge steps in reforming outmoded forms of prejudice, violence and greed, and improved general well-being to a massive extent, and advances in technology have dispensed with the need for the plastics and petrochemical industries. 

    Then I remember… it’s 1972.

  5. Man I just wanna take Archie out to a good glitch/bass night and watch the wobz make his brain explode. IN THE FUTURE, MISTER ORANGE HAIR, WE ALL DANCE LIKE BROKEN SEXBOTS

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