Copyright lobbyists secretly engineering clawback of Canadian user rights


5 Responses to “Copyright lobbyists secretly engineering clawback of Canadian user rights”

  1. Brad Bell says:

    Is this rent seeking going to go on forever? Call me a technological determinist, but these mass media corporations need to adapt to the digital world and innovate. Choosing to corrupt our government to legislate economic significance is not just wrong, it will prevent these corporations from creating real economic significance. As a result, the people will sidestep them and find ways to create value without them, ie. they will become so redundant we will eventually stop paying the rent. 

    Cyberspace is an important concept to get across the idea that the idea that an ‘internet termination scheme’ is a weapon of mass destruction. For many families, the internet is more critical to survival than roads.

  2. JProffitt71 says:

    I’d like to say “that’s it, no more movies and no more music unless I can buy it directly from the artist”, but the truth is I already don’t buy movies and I only listen to music generated by various online communities. I hope that is the growing trend and that we may see this corruption starve at the base and die the death it couldn’t possibly deserve more, but I feel like there should be some way we can really kick these guys in the balls right now.

  3. Time to get rid of copyrights. Despise their name, copyright is a privilege, not a right. If it’s going to be abuse, it’s time to get rid of it.

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