Elfquest: His Memories

Here's the third page of the new chapter of Elfquest, the long-running series of graphic novels first released in 1978. New to it? Catch up with our introduction to the series and page 1 of the new story.

Page 3 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.



  1. A page a week. It’s such a brutal wait compared to the amount of time it both takes me to read it, as well as the actual amount of information presented per page (not much)*. I feel like I’m listening to John Cage’s Organ²/ASLSP. Pinis, are you trying to force me into the Long Now of Wolf Thought?* A Wendy Pini drawn Elfquest is infinitely better than NO Elfquest, so it’s worth the wait, but you guys are killing me!

  2. Ok, I’ve been working my way through all the titles I abandoned in the 90s cuz I was too poor… but can someone tell me what the hell happend to the WaveDancers? Their series was cancelled? From the middle of this page it seems like they were lost? Is their fate covered in another title? Can you tell this is driving me nuts?

    1. Missy, read “The Discovery”. You can find it at  http://www.elfquest.com/gallery/OnlineComics3.html under the heading “Elfquest: The Rest”. I’m trying to get caught up with what went on with the elves after the palace was restored & they had their “Happily Ever After…?” moment myself :) I got it in bits & pieces over the last decade & 1/2. I’m SO HAPPY the Pini’s have all the “back issues” posted on their site & this new quest has begun!

    2. Also, however, “The Original Wavedancers storyline consisted of six issues, with the possibility of an additional three stories, each of six issues. However, due to negotiations between Black Mermaid Productions and Elfquest these issues were never completed and the original wavedancers become the hallucinations of The Broken One, a new wavedancer.”

      So if you’re thinking of the original Wavedancers, you won’t be seeing much of them.

  3.   Treestump has forgotten Little Patch, that’s kinda sad…though I like the reality in that, as for them his life would have been up to about 75-100 years long…and what is that in their time spans? ..  I love though Strongbows face in the little patch panel lmao and cutter’s little “i’m sorry” look :D.  Another reason why Elfquest is great :).

    1. I hardly think you even need that! If you’d been born in the dark ages, think you’d remember someone you knew for 15 years during the hundred years war? I have trouble remembering what happened at college.

      1. Aside from the fact he was the fact he was the first human raised by Wolfriders, you think that’d stick. I’ve seen references to stuff other wolfriders have done, brought up hundreds of years later. Perhaps the Wolfriders need a resident “Howl Keeper” to help them keep all their history, and since Pike isn’t around to do that…Treestump just forgot. Plus, I think Treestump is 1000+, so yeah, what’s a couple dozen years at best somewhere in there?

        1. Treestump isn’t the only one that is approaching ‘ancient beyond reconning’. He, Clearbrook, Moonshade, and possibly Strongbow are all old enough to have known Mantricker, Cutter’s grandfather. But yes, they do need a new howlkeeper, with Pike also now filling the role of Eldest Wolfrider in Ember’s Tribe (which Clearbrook slightly edges out Treestump for in Cutter’s Tribe)

          The story detailing Bearclaw’s capture of Old Maggotty and the meeting of Greymung’s Trolls with Mantricker’s Wolfriders shows an Elf that is either Strongbow, or may have supposed to have represented his (still unnamed as I recall) father, for he looked and behaved (sending over talking) much as Strongbow does.

          It’s been hinted that Clearbrook is slightly older than Treestump, and that One-Eye, brother of Longreach and formerly known as Woodhue may have survived for a longer stretch than originally assumed (that, or the parent in common between Longreach and Woodhue/One-Eye also survived an incredibly long time). And Moonshade is possibly Mantricker’s daughter, probably by an Elf-maiden other than Thornflower (Bearclaw’s mother).

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