Flush Mob: 1m Zimbabweans empty cisterns in unison


8 Responses to “Flush Mob: 1m Zimbabweans empty cisterns in unison”

  1. Andy Kerr says:

    We tried that in our dorm once. It broke the mains and flooded the dining commons with sewage. Hope it goes better for Zimbabwe than it did for us.

  2. mikemcl says:

    In the west is this not normally known as Election Day.

  3. ookluh says:

    The article is locked behind a paywall.  Lame.

    Trying to speedread before the obnoxious popup appears isn’t getting me anywhere.  Did it work?  Did it create a mighty whirlpool that swallowed the entire town?  Was it just an elaborate prank?  What happened?

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