Flush Mob: 1m Zimbabweans empty cisterns in unison

Authorities in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, asked the city's million residents to flush their toilets at precisely 7:30 p.m. Saturday—a move aimed at clearing waste that had accumulated in the system after recent outages. [AP]


  1. The article is locked behind a paywall.  Lame.

    Trying to speedread before the obnoxious popup appears isn’t getting me anywhere.  Did it work?  Did it create a mighty whirlpool that swallowed the entire town?  Was it just an elaborate prank?  What happened?

    1. Ever heard of Google, ookluh? 

      Here, have a link, right to the source: http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-regional.html

      As of this writing, there are no follow-up articles about the Big Flush.  My guess is that it worked, because good news is no news.

      I’m adding bulawayo24.com to my list of news sites I visit every day.  Man, it’s a happening place! For example, from this morning:
      “Prophet faints after being thoroughly beaten by goblins”


      1. I was just pointing out, in my own Ookluhish way, that Rob linked to a paywalled page.  Maybe he wants to change it, maybe he doesn’t.

        But onto important things: how did the prophet fare?  Oh right…google.  Haha.  Silly Mok.

      2. My guess is that it worked, because good news is no news.

        In Zimbabwe? All news is good news. Reporting bad news gets you a prison sentence.

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