A Gumby moment, brought to you by Nicolas Cage


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  1. TheKaz1969 says:

    Now I want a Moon Boggle…

  2. Adam Parfrey says:

    this is weird and brilliant of Nic Cage… remember too that at that time his best friend was Crispin Glover….

  3. Christopher says:

    The movie would have been so much better if Cage had used the telephone voice instead. 

  4. Voodoolock says:

    I had guessed that the voice he uses is similar to buddy holly when he’s singing the chorus of the that eponymous song.

  5. Arys says:

     This is exactly what I try to keep in mind when I watch him in PSGM. His vocal choice has always irritated me, though.

  6. Voodoolock says:

    Interesting… my guess had been that he based it off of Buddy Holly’s voice from the chorus of the song Peggy Sue. Really squeaky.

  7. Thad Boyd says:

    I also can’t help but notice that Nicolas Cage bears very little resemblance to Luke Cage, the superhero he named himself after.

  8. hypnosifl says:

    The source for the story on Cage’s voice IMDB, which isn’t always reliable since anyone can submit an edit, they do have a staff to double-check the submissions but who knows how reliable they are. Wikipedia mentions the same story so the IMDB editor might have considered that a verification, but if you look at the interview with Cage that wikipedia uses as a source, it verifies that he was inspired by Pokey but doesn’t say anything about him convincing Francis Ford Coppola that it was a good idea, maybe Coppola just grudgingly went along with it.

  9. vonbobo says:

    Pokey sounds like someone trying to imitate a voice like that, where Cage sounds like maybe he really does has a voice like that.

  10. BarBarSeven says:

    Dear Jamie,

    I gave you some grief in the SNL recap post since I felt—and still feel—it was a bland, predictable piece.

    In contrast, this is the exact kind of post I know I & others come to Boing Boing for.  Great work! Keep on this track!


  11. Phil Knight says:

    I would have preferred it if he had used the voice of Monty Python’s Gumbys

  12. awjt says:


  13. Carpeteria says:

    Interesting – that’s the not voice I remember Pokey having. Sure enough, he did have a different one, I assume later on in the series. It’s deeper and a bit more nasal sounding:


    (Skip to about 2:00 for a good spot of dialogue)

    It’s a little closer to the Cage voice, but still not there.

  14. kiptw says:

    The voice threw me, too. I always assumed he was doing a Marlon Brando kind of thing — not a good Brando, but what somebody at the time might think sounded like him, trying to make a persona. (See also: “Goodman Buys a Gun” by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder)

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