Help fund Diana Gameros album


Diana Gameros is a deeply talented singer/songwriter in San Francisco who creates soulful, passionate, and enchanting music infused with her Latin heritage. As I've written before, Diana, who was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, writes songs that reflect the 21st century experiences of a young indie artist at the borderlands between cultures, languages, and genres. Diana has launched a Kickstarter to fund the recording of her first studio album of original music. Watch the stop-motion animation video above that Diana created, accompanied by my favorite of her songs, "Enough." The collaborators on the project range from an orchestra in Ciudad Juarez to a group of second graders from Cesar Chavez School in San Francisco.

"The sounds in this album resonate with my desire to integrate my inherited passion for traditional music with the love for contemporary, fresh and soothing musical elements," Diana says.

You can listen to demos of several songs on Diana's Kickstarter page. If you'd like to hear her live, she is opening for Bebel Gilberto this Sunday at Herbst Theater and has many other upcoming gigs. I hope you enjoy Diana's music as much as I do and choose to support this project.

Diana Gameros on Kickstarter