Help fund Diana Gameros album


4 Responses to “Help fund Diana Gameros album”

  1. Grey Eyed Man of Destiny says:

    might want to work on that title…

  2. chazmotic says:

    I know judging an artist by the first five seconds of a song is not the best, but I was disappointed to hear a deeply derivative pop sound you hear from almost any woman artist today, reminiscent of mid-20th Century French vocalists.  I would hope the rest of her offerings are more original but I will not be taking time to find out. 

  3. Steve Walker says:

    Just saw Diana Gameros at Herbst Theatre opening for Bebel Gilberto.
    Diana was fantastic! Got home and went looking on iTunes and alas nothing. I’ll be donating to KickStarter in a few days as I want some music.

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