Sleight of hand, without hands

Here's a video of a Mahdi Gilbert card magic show at Magic-Con 2012. Madhi's a 20 year old magician from Toronto, whose arms and hands are affected by a congenital condition. His sleights and routines are rather novel, adapted for his anatomical quirks, and his mastery is indisputable. PeaceLove, the magician who sent in this video, notes that the second half is better than the first. There are plenty of other videos of his work on YouTube, including this interview.

Mahdi Gilbert performs miracle at Magic-Con 2012 (Thanks, PeaceLove)


  1. Pretty amazing. 

    Currently trying resist checking out the insensitive and utterly brainless YouTube comments this video no doubt has. 

    1. Actually, there was only a single dickish comment, I’d guess from a fellow magician who felt hands made more difference to how impressive the tricks were than their difficulty.

      I suggested that if he was so jealous, perhaps he should jam his in a blender.

  2. I’d love to hear reactions from famous magicians to this guy’s skills.

    I’ve heard about people with unusual anatomies performing for entertainment in history as well.

    1. Yeah, he skirts the edge of fascinating you with his unique arm movements, interjecting a touch of awkwardness, getting you to not quite know where he’s going, and then amazing you with the unexpected.  Good stuff.

  3. I’m bowled over.

    The first bit was plenty impressive, IMO… he just kept nonchalantly doing the apparently impossible, and varying it.

    And the last bit was just staggering. Total WTF.

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