Tusken Raider kids' costume

Ward Jenkins dressed up little Ezra as a Tusken Raider for Hallowe'en, and the effect is WARSOME.

Halloween 2011


  1. Awesome costume, but I hope that kid didn’t have any anger management issues. That mace looks functional. Fastforward 20 years, and he’ll be in the Thunderdome at Burning Man…

    1. Nothing wrong with that!

      He does look rather manic. But if I had a costume like that I’d be excited too :)

  2. My one criticism is it’s way too clean. I have seen some great costumes before, but they are all too clean. I would try washing it in tea or grinding some dirt into it would give it the proper lived in look. 

    1. I was aware of that. You can’t really tell from the photos here, but I definitely dirtied up the rags and costume at the bottom – I even used brown spraypaint to add to the “dirt.”

    1. It was definitely for trick-or-treating! He had no qualms during Halloween – all he had to do was just move his head more from side to side to see where he was going. No problem.

  3. This is an awesome-rockin’ costume. But it does raise an issue I have with a lot of the Star Wars characters in general:
    What do the bad guys have against peripheral vision?

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