The zombie ferret car sticker you've been seeking is finally available!

Let me guess: You are a member of a family with a pet ferret. You are also a fan of zombies. But whenever you look for a set of "family" stickers for the back window of your motor vehicle that not only turns your familial avatars into zombies, but also includes a pet ferret, you are met with bitter failure. I have wonderful news for you: your search is over! I found one for you at New York Comic Con.


There it is! On the bottom right of this display! Zombie ferret -- and other pets -- are the exclusive offering of ZombieZom, one of the awesome exhibitors on the NYCC show floor! Love them not for being the only place to buy a zombie ferret car sticker, but because they thought to make one at all!


  1. That will also make a nice album graphic if Rob Zombie ever does a cover of Zappa’s “Weasels Ripped My Flesh.”

  2. So, I’ve had a long standing question about family stickers: are they a meme that is passed around only through family-oriented organizations like the PTA or soccer leagues? 

    I originally thought that churches would have been the main retail/marketing channel, but after talking with my school-age relatives some years back I wasn’t so sure. Whatever it is, it seems like it’s been pushed heavily, but in some circle that doesn’t even touch Bed Bath & Beyond or my car wash, both of which are usually very good about glomming onto trends.

  3. No, seriously.  My sister (ex-ferret owner, married to zombie fan) inhabits the intersection of that particular Venn diagram.  That’s Christmas taken done, then!

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