Five more books join the Humble Ebook Bundle!

We've hit the halfway mark on the Humble Ebook Bundle, a name-your-price, support-for-charity, DRM-free ebook promotion. With one week to go, we've added in FIVE more books: XKCD Volume 0; Zach Weiner's Save Yourself, Mammal and The Most Dangerous Game; Penny Arcade: Attack of the Bacon Robots; and Penny Arcade: Epic Legends of the Magic Sword Kings.

If you've already bought the bundle and paid more than the average, these are unlocked and ready for you to download. If you're new to the bundle, you have seven days to buy these ones. Don't miss out!

Update: Derp -- misunderstood who got the new titles! If you've paid, they're yours.

Humble Ebook Bundle


    1. Presumably the calculation is based on whether your payment was over the average at any time after you purchased it, otherwise things could get messy: if the average is rising you might get the extra books today only to lose them tomorrow.

        1.  Cory just copied what it says on the website. If anyone mucked up, its humblebundle. They say that the new additions to the line up are only available to people who paid above the average (which currently stands at $13.14)

          1. The website says you need to pay more than the average *now* to get the new books, which is true if you are paying anew. Their blog post says “If you’ve already picked up a bundle, you’ll find awesome works already on your download page”.

    1.  Follow again the link in the mail you got first time.

      I already downloaded them all!

  1. I love the Humble Bundle guys, I think this is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived to promote charity, give some money to the authors you love and also experiment with alternatives to old school capitalism.

    I´m literally in tears (for real).

  2. Ooh, nice!!! And thanks for the reminder! (Yes, I’m a procrastinator.)

    I also love the Humble Bundle guys! The idea for the Bundles is just awesome!

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