OMG, baby octopodes!


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  1. eyetropy says:

    It is a tad disappointing that there is no video…  cute photo though

    This is what I could dig up:

  2. Leto_Atreides says:

    Why are they swimming in what looks like milk?

  3. beemoh says:

    All I’m seeing here are many baby Cthulhus.

  4. MrBillWest says:

    Per Websters, I believe it is octopuses (couild not resist sorry)
    Thanks for the reminder of this video!

    • kansas says:


    • lafave says:

      octopuses is preferred, although octopodes is ‘grammatical’ .Fowler also calls octopodes “rightly rejected” and “pedantic”

      • Ipo says:

        Fowler strongly disliked the use of foreign words and phrases so I wouldn’t ask him for his opinion on American Internet English. 
        It’s a tradition to correct the plural of octopus.  Whichever valid form is used. 

        • lafave says:

          well, usage is king, which is why ‘octopi’ should be considered good english, but ‘octopodes’, unless one is being jocular, well – you just sound like a douche.

          I think that’s a good summary of the OED entry on octopus pluralization.

          • Ipo says:

            OED?  Is that some British publication?    =]  
            If usage is king, there are more native English speakers in the U.S. than in the rest of the world together. 

            Everybody knows they are only called ‘octopi’ when there are roughly 3.141 59265 of them.

          • Wreckrob8 says:

            Absolutely. Where would we be without television? Proculvision, teleblepsia? Really?

        • GawainLavers says:

          It’s like they say, “If you can’t handle the pedantry, get out of the Boing Boing!”

    • semiotix says:

      EXCUSE ME, you FECKLESS MORONS, who are doing the entire LANGUAGE WRONG, but the REAL and ONLY CORRECT way of pluralizing that word is to say “an octopus and also another octopus.”

      You’re WELCOME. JEEZ. 

    • Oli Newsham says:

      I’ve just dug out the exact same video!

    • cdh1971 says:

      These terms all work I guess, but the actual, correct term is ‘octopussies’.  The term for the mother octopus is ‘octomo……

  5. I thought this was a picture of some peanuts in milk. Tomorrow can we have a picture of a bunch of peanuts in milk?

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