Elfquest: the ways of insects

Page 7 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.



  1. I’m not sure how I fell about this page. I understand Kimo wanting Shuna to be safe, but to leave all the other elves behind and live on his own to protect her? From what? For how long? She now has a husband to protect her and doesn’t seem to be in any danger. There seems to be some disconnect here. The story feels rushed, and needs a little explanation, IMO.

  2. This isn’t out-of-character for Kimo, especially if you’ve read “The Searcher and the Sword”. He wants to be near her and watch over the whole family.

  3. It’s been 6-7 years since I read Searcher and the Sword, so I just read it again. Surprisingly, I didn’t remember most of the story from it. I can see now why Kimo might choose to go off with her. I just hope he doesn’t end up in limbo like Windkin, Dodia, Venka and Aroree.

  4. And if Kimo is going with her, I’m sure Wendy has a reason.  Plus… Shuna is his family, too.  They have that bond.  He was the only one she wanted there when birthing her cub, and in SatS, I beleive she stood in front of the Hillhopper’s hunters to protect him from the arrows and spears.  They protect each other.  

  5. Another wonderful page! Shuna has turned into such a lovely woman! I can see how you made her look older, more mature – I love that! 

    And Im glad Kimo goes with her. But it’s sad that Dart and Kimo have different ‘families’ so they have to split up :/ Hmm Dart has left his family before for Kimo and Shuna. Will he do it again later on – or stay for good? hmm…

    1. I was thinking that too, that it’s sad for Dart and Kimo to be separated. Still, the elves are so much longer lived than humans, even the Wolfriders, that by their reck it won’t be a very long separation, and they can always visit each other. Kimo probably wants to be with Shuna as much as he can, given how few years they can have together.

  6. The fact that Strongbow used “his outside voice” as Tavie (above) so constructively put it, really touched me.   I really liked also the shine where you love quote but am a little sad that it didn’t just kinda end there and let us reflect on that point of that statement.  However it is just as beautiful of art work as EVER and I look forward to monday. <3

  7. Ah, FINALLY I understand what Shenshen’s dream in Dreamtime was about! “Shine where you love” indeed. Wise words, not just vague new agey psychobabble like I originally thought all those years ago. Or maybe I’m just older and more ready to understand, having since found my own path in life doing something I love and shine at.

  8. Do you think Moonshade dislikes Newstar? She’s the only one not wearing her leathers. I can’t imagine wearing Petalwing’s sticky wrapstuff is very functional. =P

    1.  I get the idea that Moonshade fashioned Newstar’s duds, she just didn’t do it out of leather. She’s not just a tanner, she’s a designer and a seamstress, too! I think she’s found a way to work with preserver spit, and Newstar’s her willing test subject.

  9. Just because Kimo is going with Shuna doesn’t mean he’s leaving the tribe.  Shuna didn’t say how far away she and Bee would be building their lodge.  It could be Kimo comes ‘home’ every weekend! :)

    And I just LOVE the ‘shine where you love’ quote!

  10. Strongbow, what’s going on with you? O_o I might not have liked you when you were a massive grouch, but this smiley persona you’re going with just feels weird. 

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