NYPD officer planned to kidnap and eat women [trigger warning]

Gilberto Valle, an NYPD officer, has been arrested after details of a plot to kidnap and eat women came to light. Officer Valle is alleged to have used NYPD databases to locate 100 potential victims, and left detailed notes on his plans to murder and eat them. He also offered to kidnap women for money, corresponding with online acquaintances. From an AP article by Colleen Long and Tom Hays:

One document found on his computer was titled "Abducting and Cooking (Victim 1): A Blueprint," according to the complaint. The file also had the woman's birth date and other personal information and a list of "materials needed" — a car, chloroform and rope.

"I was thinking of tying her body onto some kind of apparatus ... cook her over low heat, keep her alive as long as possible," Valle allegedly wrote in one exchange in July, the complaint says.

In other online conversations, investigators said, Valle talked about the mechanics of fitting the woman's body into an oven (her legs would have to be bent), said he could make chloroform at home to knock a woman out and discussed how "tasty" one woman looked.

"Her days are numbered," he wrote, according to the complaint.

NYC officer arrested in ghoulish kidnap plot


  1. After learning about the ‘toilet community’ on YouTube (people who obsess over rare toilet flush videos), it’s somehow less shocking that there’s a cannibal community too. Still, Internet, wtf.

    1. I did not need to know there was a toilet community on youtube. However, I once lived with a roommate that was great in all ways but one. He would come try to make us look at his “work” when he was done. 

      1. Not related to the douche bag cop in mention, but I did move out shortly after a new roomy in the house never flushed saying he was saving the planet water. 

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI is perusing his methods to find better ways to stalk innocent Americans that they haven’t already thought of.

      1. I’m proposing that we change our tagline from “A Compendium of Greasy Peccadilloes” to “One Big Inbred Fuckfest”, courtesy of Die Antwoord.

  2. What is really sick about this is just how casual & methodical this stuff is described. WTF is this guy’s psychology?!?

    1. If you look closer, you will see there’s just a little space dust covering the title… *blows off dust* 
      It clearly reads “To Serve and Protect For Women!”

  3. The only good thing that could have come out of this was a Law & Order episode, but they canceled the original and that’s the only one I liked.

  4. I can’t take a pair of toenail clippers on to a plane. . .  but this guy gets a badge and a gun and access to public records.

    The system works!

  5. I can’t remember how i found it – but I found two comics about basically roasting women on a spit and them (the women) getting of on it. o_0 Yeah so – just had to share. People are messed up.

    1. Because there is no verifiable evidence to support the claim. All the sources in regards to this are conspiracy or political fringe sites with nothing concrete to support their claims.

  6. The police recruit psycho’s. Its a prerequisite. High school bully’s long for the day they will exert excessive force over the meek and defenceless, hence joining a local law enforcement detachment. Then there are the few, who, law abiding, think they are actually serving the public at large but they find they have to swallow all that and stand by their peers in solidarity no matter how outlandish their actions are, for the union.

    1. This may fall under the category of science at the time that has since been disproved but I never saw it: I remember back in the day reading that both violent criminals and cops were much more likely than the average person to have an extra Y chromosome. (I suppose I could research this to see if it’s still thought to be true, but eh, Internet commentary on violent cops–what do I care? These people are seriously fecked up and not worth it.)

  7. A few files about them? That’s nothing. I heard about this other guy who kept binders full of women.

  8. What a rookie! Don’t you know you have to gut your catch before you cook it?
    (Sorry, but someone once explained why you can’t just cook someone in a big pot like in the cartoons….)

    1.  Seriously, there’s a whole lot of stuff in a carcass that will spoil your meal if you don’t properly gut and clean it before cooking. Imagine this fellow’s disappointment if he’d gone through with his plan!

  9. Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps the guy was just writing with no real ambition to actually carry out his fantasy? Maybe a little ghoulish perhaps, but could it just possibly be some kind of stress outlet?

    In reading the entire story I found no cause to believe that he was doing anything wrong, except perhaps accessing the police database illegally. I mean I might write about bank robbery on a forum that caters to that kind of fantasy and have no expectations that anyone in the forum has any real aspirations of trying it.

    I’d be willing to bet that when the issue is brought before a judge that the officer gets a slap on the wrist for the database.

    1. Yes, I’m certain that he and the judge will share a great laugh about that whole “kidnapping conspiracy” charge where he jokingly “negotiated to kidnap another woman — Victim 2 — for someone else, writing, ‘$5,000 and she’s all yours.'”

      I think I’ll take your bet… shall we make it $10,000?

      1. 10,000 dollars is some pretty good bank, with that you could pay for two women to be kidnapped. Hopefully you have a binder to put them in?

    2. You mean like all of those lone wolf terrorists that FBI keeps setting up to catch?
      Find some people just talking, get them talking more and encourage the behavior, get them worked up enough to do it and then arrest them?

      Once he tied his “fantasy” to real people he moved beyond the idle daydream model.

      1. It also looks like he left gruesome comments all over the NYPD database, which kind of sounds like the classic cry for help.  If his plans had any ambition, a cop of all people should know how to cover his tracks.

        1. Tony Bologna lied to the world about what happened on tape, and is still employeed.
          We have officers who raped a drunk woman, still on the job.
          When your untouchable you stop worrying about leaving evidence behind.

          It might be a cry for help, it might not be.  Given his behavior it does not appear to be a ghoulish stress outlet and even with all of this press about it… its possible he might keep his job.

    3. Have you stopped to think how terrifying it must be for the woman (‘victim 1’ and any other woman on that list) who learned that a guy she’d had lunch with kept graphic descriptions on how to cook her alive, that he was watching her sleeping while telling some other psycho that ‘her days were numbered’? That’s not ‘a little ghoulish’, that’s the type of shit Dahmer fantasized about before actually carrying it out.

      I don’t imagine any of them will be sleeping very soundly from now on, especially since he’s probably going to be back on the streets relatively soon.

    4. Anyone who considers such fantasies a stress releaser is NOT someone who should be employed by the state to enforce laws. Do I even have to fucking state that? Seriously?

  10. from the article: “Valle respected his colleagues on the force, took the sergeant’s exam
    and spoke out against Occupy Wall Street, cop killers and others who broke the law, according to the page.”

    OWS and “cop killers”… all the same thing to him.

    I believe he’s entitled to an attorney paid for by the police union so I suspect the previously noted argument that it was all just a fantasy will get a vigorous presentation, although the part about actually negotiating with a 3rd person for a kidnapping takes it beyond that line.

  11. Why does this article have a trigger warning but the one about two kids being stabbed by their nanny doesn’t? I don’t get it.

    1. I would assume it’s a trigger for victims of sexual violence.  Many more survivors of that than there are of murder. 

      That said, though I am absolutely horrified by this story, the murdered children made me sob.

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