If Twitter was like Facebook

People give Twitter plenty of guff, but at least its promoted tweets program is straight-up advertising--unlike the awful "pay to reach your own followers" stunt that Facebook is pulling.


  1. I saw that and immediately my stomach curdled…  there has GOT to be a better way to make money than blackmail.

  2. Would something please hurry up and kill Facebook?  I feel like we are living in the bad old days right before AOL imploded and everything had AOL smeared across it.

    1. Google a little bit and add the facebook subnets to your firewall or packet filter of choice. You may not be able to kill it for everyone else, but you can certainly remove it from your life.

  3. I’m not sure if this works, but I’ve been told that there’s a workaround: If you hover over the Like/Liked button on a Page and add the page to an Interest List, you’ll be able to get the new updates to a Page while bypassing the whole paywall scheme; if you didn’t see it on your feed, you’ll see it in your List.

    1. Kind of a pain to beg everyone to do that for your page though.  Especially since it’ll go to approximately 10% of the people….

  4. So I’ve heard a lot about this as how it applies to pages;  does anyone know exactly how it’s applying to personal accounts? (I’ve noticed that the “promote this” or “sponsor this” or whatever the hell it’s called popped up there as well.

    1. Go to a particular friend’s page, hover over the button with “√ Friends”, and click “settings” in the pop-up menu.  From there you can change the frequency and types of updates that you will see in your news feed.

      1.  I don’t actually check in with facebook all that often anymore, so I’m more curious about how the whole thing is being applied across the board than about how to tweak my own account settings, but it is good to know.

        1. I believe the default is “most updates”.  Also, I have not seen a way to change the default for all friends … it has to be done one at a time.

          As for the “promoted posts”, I think they pop up in different ways.  One is that an individual can pay to have a post promoted (and labeled sponsored) which will pin that post to the top of the news feeds of all friends.  I do not have any friends who have done this, so I am not sure how long such a thing lasts.

          It also appears that a brand can promote a post when a friend likes their page.  For example, right now I see that a friend has liked Lysol, and this has been labeled as a sponsored post.  I am assuming that Lysol paid for this rather than my friend.

          Right now Facebook’s position is that posting for individual’s has not actually changed and that promoting a post just makes it more likely that your friends will see it (but is not necessary).  However, until individuals start using promoted posts more often, it would probably be hard to prove that the “most updates” setting prefers posts that have been promoted.

    1. I hereby propose a campaign to revive the use of the subjunctive in English to put an end to barbarisms like this headline.

  5. i’m not sure about you guys, but if you have a few hundred friends and follow some brands/bands/whatever, there is no way you will ever see everything all of them post. especially if you have a live that prevents you from checking your feeds every five minutes. thus, thus, facebook algorythm shows you posts from friends you interact with regularly with a higher priority. if you do not interact much with one of your friends, this person is not going to see many of your updates. it’s pretyy simple really.

    1.  Or they could just let you be the judge of what and whom you want to see more or less of.  It’s not that hard to just give me everything from everyone I’ve ever clicked “like” on as the default and then let me adjust it down from there.  I don’t like them having control over it by default instead of me. Sure, I don’t have time to necessarily read every single post by every page on my list.  But I should be the editor, not an algorithm.  If I opted into communication with a page, it should be up to me to hush them or to push them to the top of my feed. 

      1.  At the very least, they could make the algorithm adjusted feed an optional thing sort of like the way that they offer you the chance to sort by “top posts” or chronologically.  That way you can get the “hit the highlights” version if you’re in a rush or the full version if you’ve got time and interest.

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