Elfquest: The shapeshifter's farewell

Page 8 of The Final Quest: Prologue is published online-first for the first time here at Boing Boing. First time reader? You're a few issues behind.



  1. Gorgeous! The colors and effects are so rich on this one. Also Kimo’s comment really highlights the human/elf difference and gives some insight into his choice to leave the Wolfriders and the elves’ (non)reaction to that choice.  What’s a few decades for elves that can live a few thousand years?

  2. Also, what hinting is going on about Dart’s flickering vs shining and Kimo’s reference to another “eyes meeting eyes” (i.e., Recognition) for Dart????

  3. Umm, I guess he simply meant “When we meet again, maybe you’ll have found someone or somebody you love”.
    By the way, what do you think is happened to Serrin and Bowki in all this centuries? Maybe Dart has some grand-grandchild among the Sun Folk.

    1.  Umm, no. Wendy stated it a while ago: they’re not lovemates, just best friends (“soulbrothers”, since they shared soul names).

      1. Wendy’s also stated that the elves, being pansexual, have most likely “been there, done that” to just about any pairing a fan could imagine. This includes soulbrothers Cutter/Skywise and probably Dart/Kimo as well.

  4. I could be reading into it, but I thought Kimo was asking Dart if he loved him enough to share his soul name with him before he left. Dart answered him with, I care for you, but I’m not ready to make such a commitment at this time. Than Kimo replied with “Well maybe when next we meet you will be ready?” 

    Kind of like when Redlance and Nightfall shared their soul names and formed a Lifemate bond, instead of being just Lovemates.

  5. To comment on a couple of posts, Kimo knows Dart’s soul name; he used it in the Forevergreen, and unfortunately Serrin is sure to have died since she was half Wolfrider and did not sleep.

  6. But now that I can post, I can also say how thrilled I am to read this every Monday!  It’s the highlight of my week.

  7. Still wondering about Newstar’s clothes… or lack thereof ;) Doesn’t seem very suitable for living in the woods.

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