Fake Hurricane Sandy shark photo migrates to Chinese web


6 Responses to “Fake Hurricane Sandy shark photo migrates to Chinese web”

  1. I am pretty sure sharks are smart enough to know to swim to deep water to rude out the storm. They are also strong enough to be able to do so.

  2. regnad_kcin says:

    $100 chocolate chip recipe migrates to grandma’s inbox

  3. NelC says:

    “In China, it would’ve been cooked already.”

    But only the fins; they’d’ve thrown the rest away.

  4. Rob Wheeler says:

    Real shark spotted in Fake Chinese Goods store!

  5. mmrtnt says:

    Fake Hurricane Sandy shark photo

    Curse you Sandy!  First massive destruction, then fraudulent photoshopping! 

    Will you stop at nothing? 

    What’s next, Rick Rolling?

  6. cprompt says:

    After I saw two people post that on Facebook, one captioned as “Wildwood, NJ” and the other as “Brigantine, NJ”, I put this picture together depicting the devastation in my relatively unaffected part of New Jersey.

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