How Victoria's Secret saved the National Guard from Hurricane Sandy


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  1. TheMadLibrarian says:

    Angels unaware… help from the most unlikely sources.

  2. acerplatanoides says:

    What an uplifting story of under-wiring.

  3. atomicsmith says:

    You mean we spend literally trillions on our military and the national guard in our largest city can’t even keep their lights on for a few days in an emergency. Where did all that money go?

    • BarBarSeven says:

      Our military spending is reactive. And when it’s proactive, it’s paranoid.

      Meaning that before this crisis hit you could see the money being spent in the subway: 3 cops, 1 white shirt & 3 TSA guys at most subway stations randomly checking commuters for… Who knows what… I guess the cops get aboout $50,000 per year to start, the white shirt gets $80,000 & the TSA folks might be $60,000 per person.  That’s a lot of $$$ for nothing.

  4. shortly afterwords the branch of the military was renamed the “National Garter Belt”

  5. Sean McKibbon says:

    Girl power?

  6. Sean Breakey says:

    Show’s you where our priorities are, when the people responsible for responding to disasters have worse equipment then Victoria’s Secret.

    The US spends more on the military then the entire rest of the world combined, and can’t afford generators, again, for the people responsible for responding to disasters.  Hell, there’s an entire fleet of untouched tanks; I’m sure you could use their engines to generate some power.

  7. Norman Lorrain says:

    Government organisation bailed out by private business.  

  8. mypalmike says:

    tl;dr – Soldiers lost power. Got turned on by Victoria’s Secret.

  9. Ray Perkins says:

    Always thought that skimpy underwear would come to the rescue some day. Glad to see I am vindicated.

  10. how the heck does a fashion show require 4 megawatts?  Ever heard of fluorescent bulbs?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      The short version is that you can’t focus fluorescent lights because they don’t use a point source.

      • L_Mariachi says:

        Still, 4 mW is a hell of a lot for a venue that size.  It’s in the upper realm of a big-budget stadium rock concert.  Stage lighting fixtures don’t go much above 1kW, so even allowing, say, 100kW (number totally made up, I’m not a sound tech) for the sound system and cameras and backstage utilities that’s still enough for almost four thousand lights.  I’ve been in that armory; you could probably fit four thousand lights in there but it would be very silly.

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