Deconstructing Sandy

Yesterday, I got to have a great conversation on Minnesota Public Radio's The Daily Circuit. Host Tom Webber and I spent a good 45 minutes talking about Hurricane Sandy, climate change, and why it's so hard to talk about the connections between the two in an easily digestible, sound-bite format. In the meantime, he might have gotten some good sound bites out of me.


  1. It’s like accidents and SUVs
    SUVs don’t necessarily cause accidents, but if one hits you it’s a lot worse than if a regular car hits you.

    There , how’s that ?

    I’d listen to the podcast if I had sound on this computer , but I don’t so if this is a instance of RTFA syndrome, I apologize.

  2. Very enjoyable conversation.  Was thinking about the problem of how the complexity of climate change makes it difficult to point to any one event (like Sandy) and say “There: climate change.”  (Apologies for belaboring the obvious below; just thinking out loud and throwing it out there for someone’s use.)

    It seems like the basic problem is that climate change can only be “known” as a statistical phenomenon; any single weather event only relates to climate change as part of a statistical aggregate.

    In addition to Maggie’s analogy of “giving directions” vs. “describing the house,” I’d suggest a simpler one, though it’s not perfect: seasonal change.  We’ll get a cold day in early September and say, “Aha, fall is here” — and then be treated to another week of balmy weather.  But once that cold day is added to the statistical aggregate, it can be seen to be part of the trend toward colder temperates.  Similarly, all the various phenomena that “go with” or are entailed by climate change relate to it in the same way: as part of the overall statistics.

    Everyone who lives in a seasonal climate learns from infancy the diffuse, “general trend” quality of seasonal change.  Seems like this universally understood experience could be put to good use as an analogy to help explain specific weather events in relation to climate change.

  3. Debating climate change is like debating gravity. It simply is a fact of life. We simply need to deal with the costs of dealing with that fact. The home that I grew up in will not survive a rise in sea level. Can we deal with that? I don’t have the answer. But I’d like to stop debate the question and start looking for answers. Enough is enough. 

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