In post-Sandy "dewatering" mission, Army engineers drain one Olympic-sized pool's worth of water per minute

In an Army Corps of Engineers press release, details on the astounding rate at which workers are draining water from New York's subway and transit tunnels: "To date, the USACE has used about 50 pumps of various sizes to remove 64 million gallons of water from the New York City mass transit system. Operations are ongoing at six sites, with pumps removing about 116,000 gallons per minute. The 696,000 gallons the pumps are draining each minute exceeds the amount of water in one Olympic-size swimming pool (660,000 gallons). There were roughly 600 million gallons in the tunnels when pumping operations began on Thursday, Nov. 1." (via Noah Shachtman).


  1. Since they’re the government, I assume that that’s not very impressive, and that the Private Sector ™ could do a much better job.  If the government would get off of their back.

    1. Evaporation is actually what happens when water molecules leave the liquid phase (or ‘collectivist’ state of matter) and acquire enough personal kinetic energy to enter the gas phase (or ‘entrepreneurial’ state of matter).

      Government pumping schemes may look like a solution, in the short term; but they really amount to nothing more than an invasive federal agency spending your money to enable dependent water molecules to move from criminal destruction of property to cushy beachfront vacations without any concern for Victims’ Rights or breaking the cycle of dependence.

  2. So it will be ~10 dys until the water is all out. Then inspections. Then repairs. I hope a lot of people realize that lower Manhattan probably won’t have subways for a while yet.

    This would be a great opportunity to update and modernize the affected train lines. I hope the governors of the affected states are big enough to accept federal assistance with such a massive job-creating project.

    1. Where are you getting 10 days from? Did you read TFA or some commie BS like that? How silly! Just use the numbers quoted in BB, that should be enough for any true American.

      According to those numbers, everything will be bone dry by tea time!

  3. Something makes me think their numbers are a bit screwy:

    At Start 600,000,000
    Removed so far* 64,000,000
    Remaining* 536,000,000

    Gallons per minute 696,000
    Minute for remaining 770 (12:50 in hours)

    *as of time of press release

    1. Right.  Same thing arranged differently:

      660,000 gals x minute.
      6,600,000 gals in 10 minutes.
      66,000,000 in 100 minutes.
      660,000,000 in 1000 minutes (around 16 hours, 40 minutes).
      Minus 60,000,000 (about 90 minutes) = 15 hours, 10 minutes, give or take a few minutes, to drain six hundred million gallons of water, at the claimed rate.

  4. As more climate events occur, the Corps of Engineers might be the only ones with the logistics capability to fight their effects.

    I guess the military-industrial complex was worth it after all…except that the DoD is the a worse polluter than the rest of the government combined and is exempt from many regulations.

    But what an amazing achievement! I was astounded when I heard that parts of the subway were running after less than a week. This was the D-Day of storm operations

    1. the US ACE cost 4.6 billion this year. Including the cost of the works done in 2012.

      The military budget was 663 billion.

      So what was that about the 99%? Because 99% of the military industial complex spending is absolutely NOT helping.

      1.  To add: doubling the size and workds of the ACE would be a trade off of two Aegis class destroyers.

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