Haunted Mansion "alligator tightrope girl" cosplayer

Here's Roxy Rot cosplaying the alligator tightrope-walker that appears in the Haunted Mansion's stretch-gallery, one of the iconic comic-horror images of the 20th century. She's perfectly awesome in the role, too. She's dressed up for Bats Day 2011, the annual goth day at Disneyland, which is enormous good fun. She notes, "The corset is from here and the skirt and cape I had help with from my old coworker Joy."

Best cosplay so far: the alligator tightrope walker painting girl from the Haunted Mansion (Thanks, Matthew!)


  1. Is she wearing bright blue contact lenses, or can she just naturally stare through your soul like that?

    1.  contacts, unless the camera is giving both irises exactly the same defect.

      Talk about uncanny valley, but it looks exactly like what she’s cosplaying, so have to give props there

  2. She should be wearing fake tan to match the skin colour, seeing as she’s already gone to so much effort.

    That said, I’ve no idea what cataclysmic reaction would be initiated by a goth applying fake tan.

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