Grab YouTube thumbnails easily

YouTube makes available a set of different-sized thumbnails for every video through its API, but sometimes you just need to grab 'em and go. So I made a plain-jane widget to grab what's available, at-a-glance, for any given YT URL. Enjoy!


    1. Huh? I tried submitting (1) and all it gave me was something I can’t  link here apparently because it contains an internal “http”.
      and all it gave me was the “maxresdefault” dummy image (that I also can;t link here) returned by the BoingBoing app. BoingBoing also gave me real images ending in “0”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “hqdefault.”, and “mqdefault”.

      WHY CAN’T I LINK ANY OF THE BoingBoing results here without the blog software saying it failed to upload an image?


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