Grab YouTube thumbnails easily

YouTube makes available a set of different-sized thumbnails for every video through its API, but sometimes you just need to grab 'em and go. So I made a plain-jane widget to grab what's available, at-a-glance, for any given YT URL. Enjoy!


    1. Huh? I tried submitting (1) and all it gave me was something I can’t  link here apparently because it contains an internal “http”.
      and all it gave me was the “maxresdefault” dummy image (that I also can;t link here) returned by the BoingBoing app. BoingBoing also gave me real images ending in “0”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “hqdefault.”, and “mqdefault”.

      WHY CAN’T I LINK ANY OF THE BoingBoing results here without the blog software saying it failed to upload an image?


  1. Cool tool! Though it seems to not like any additional parameters before the “v” param in the querystring.

    For example, this link doesn’t bring up any results in Chrome:

    but this one does:

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