Villain hair


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  1. James Churchill says:

    So… Donald Trump?

  2. regondi says:

    damn it – you beat me to it…

  3. Paul Renault says:

    No Country for Old Men’s hair stylist, Paul LeBlanc, is from around here.  In a local radio interview, he said that Anton Chigurh’s hair style was designed to be out of place/time, strange, and unsettling.

  4. scav says:

    I have seen this in real life. There is a kind of status-signalling “business” hairstyle that reliably indicates the presence of an utter prick immediately beneath it. It’s weird – it seems they can’t see it in the mirror or something.

  5. beemoh says:

    Suddenly, Jedward start to make a lot of sense.

    • scav says:

      On the face of it, that is a sentence that I never expect to be uttered unironically. Besides, Jedward are not fictional characters, however hard that may be to believe. And they seem nice enough lads.
      Better real-life example from showbiz: Jimmy Savile.

  6. Milo says:

    Mr. Zorg is disappointed.

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