Great art for cheap: Minneapolis College of Art and Design Art Sale

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I've posted several times about the entrancing landscape dioramas and sculptural paintings of Gregory Euclide who is perhaps best known for creating the cover art of Bon Iver's eponymous album. Euclide's painting above will be up for grabs in the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's massive MCAD Art Sale opening on Thursday (11/15) at 6pm and continuing through Saturday (11/17). (Euclide is an MCAD alum and current instructor.) The MCAD Art Sale features hundreds of pieces by students and recent graduates of the school. When the opening bell rings, the mad rush begins and people literally grab the art right off the walls. The works range from less than $100 to $1500 max, with 80% of that money going directly to the artists. This isn't just a Minneapolis thing though. For years, the annual MCAD Art Sale has been a magnet for collectors and art lovers from around the country seeking killer deals on work by emerging artists. No online sales though -- you just gotta be there.

MCAD Art Sale

"Have Art, will sell" (Star Tribune)


  1. You can get great art for very little in many towns with good art schools.  I went to college at the Savannah College of Art and Design and purchased a very few pieces that I loved and could afford.  Now works by the same artists go for 3-5 times what they did back when we were students.  Work from other artists living in the city were also more reasonably priced because there was an abundance of great art for sale at a price that isn’t outrageous.

    On the other hand, in cities like where I live now, Birmingham, Alabama, there is an abundance of art that gets put on a wall with a high price tag when, were it my work, I certainly wouldn’t let anyone see it, much less put it on a wall or try to pass it off on some poor soul who would only buy it because of an excess of money and pity for me.  Some of them have no, or little training, or approach what they make as craft rather than art, but i don’t feel as if that’s an excuse to be content with shoddy work.

    In any case, cities with big art schools, YAY for good, relatively inexpensive art!

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