Light by MooresCloud: Kickstarter for open, net-controllable lightshow and mood lighting

Mark Pesce writes, "What happens when an LED makes sweet love to a smartphone? You get the Light by MooresCloud, 52 full-color LEDs controlled by an embedded computer running Linux and connected to your tablet, smartphone and the Internet via WiFi. This 'lamp with a LAMP stack' takes the Internet of Things in a new direction: these connected Lights provide 'Illumination-as-a-service", so you can take a photo of a flower and set the Light to match its color, or synchronize streaming media with a light show. An on-board accelerometer allows you to enjoy games and literally play with light. Everything about the project is open - open hardware, open software, and a public commitment to open and transparent business practices (more). In order to sell these smarties for $99, they need to raise $700K on Kickstarter. Have a look. If you like what you see, back them and share the word."

Light (Thanks, Mark!)


  1. Just would like to show … This is a open source modular framework for designers who create interactive objects environments (including but not limited to lighting :).

  2. Isn’t this Mark Pesce’s company? “…they need to raise $700K…” sounds as though he is just an observer, not a participant, in this project.

    1. Absolutely, LIFX FTW. Of course, you’ll have to wait until it’s released and the backer batches have gone out before you can get any LIFX bulbs…

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