Amazing Mickey Mouse skull graffiti

IMG 5256

BB pal Greg Long spotted this magnificent graffiti near the GAMA-GO world headquarters in San Francisco's SOMA. If you know the artist, please help me credit him/her! Commenters say it's the work of Goser! Thanks!


  1. it might be easier to figure out the who the artist is if their tag wasn’t cropped the way it is in this image. do you have a wider shot where we could see what his or her name is?

    1. Depends on who you ask.  Our mutual friend prefers “The Gozerian” as a suffix, although he lapses, at times of rage, into “The Destructor” for obvious reasons.  As I recall, etchings found on Sumerian conquest shrines referred to him as “Volguus Zildrohar”, although that name largely fell out of use by Commodus’ reign.  When he is drunk or post-coital, “The Traveler” will be acceptable, but only then.  His mother calls him “Lord Of The Sebouillia”.

  2. If you are in the area, take a walk down Berwick Pl at Heron St (a half block from Gama GO). There are some excellent murals, although many have been tagged over. Living here, I get to enjoy the artwork daily – there tend to be weekly photoshoots in front of the murals and our streets get blocked of a couple of times a year for movie/advertising/etc shoots.

    Street view:

    1. I googled specifically for a Ron English Mickey Mouse skull image and nothing came up. Charlie Brown, yes, but he didn’t do a Mickey, evidently.

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