Amazing Mickey Mouse skull graffiti


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  1. seyo says:

    it might be easier to figure out the who the artist is if their tag wasn’t cropped the way it is in this image. do you have a wider shot where we could see what his or her name is?

  2. dolo54 says:

    It’s probably GOSER, too bad you just cropped out his tag on the left there. Here is a link to the same design, says by goser:

    • wrecksdart says:

      Depends on who you ask.  Our mutual friend prefers “The Gozerian” as a suffix, although he lapses, at times of rage, into “The Destructor” for obvious reasons.  As I recall, etchings found on Sumerian conquest shrines referred to him as “Volguus Zildrohar”, although that name largely fell out of use by Commodus’ reign.  When he is drunk or post-coital, “The Traveler” will be acceptable, but only then.  His mother calls him “Lord Of The Sebouillia”.

  3. techbuzz says:

    If you are in the area, take a walk down Berwick Pl at Heron St (a half block from Gama GO). There are some excellent murals, although many have been tagged over. Living here, I get to enjoy the artwork daily – there tend to be weekly photoshoots in front of the murals and our streets get blocked of a couple of times a year for movie/advertising/etc shoots.

    Street view:

  4. Mark Burban says:

    i’m pretty sure it’s ‘BEN FROST” aussie artist now living in US. I sent him a FB message with link asking if it’s his work. 

  5. i_prefer_yeti says:

    Sorry about the cropping, here’s a wider angle.

  6. Tony_Moore says:

    cool. reminds me of those creepy smiling skull cartoon vinyls by Ron English.

    • Rich Keller says:

      I googled specifically for a Ron English Mickey Mouse skull image and nothing came up. Charlie Brown, yes, but he didn’t do a Mickey, evidently.

  7. SedanChair says:

    everybody get down, Disney’s copyright team is rappelling through the windows

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