Graffiti remover works on composite decking

A local artist tagged a wall made of composite decking. Krud Kutter Graffiti Remover and a lot of scrubbing removed it.

I live in an area where graffiti is a way of life. Today, I felt grateful to have found Krud Kutter's graffiti removal spray because it does a pretty good job of softening and, with some scrubbing, liquefying aerosol paint. I realized that today will not be the last time I will probably use the stuff, and it is far better than scarring the wall with acetone, as I was doing before. Acetone removed the paint but left some chemical burns on the walls.

A better plastic bristle brush will help. The first one I tried was too soft, the second better but something with fine bristles would be great to get into the fake wood grain.

KRUD KUTTER MS324, 30-40 Ounces via Amazon