Obama and Maroney are not impressed

NewImage Very cute. (CNN)


    1. Yeeaah, those 4 second spent taking that picture could have been spent solving world hunger… Get on the ball Obama!

      1. My work day starts at 5 a.m., and I don’t go online while at work, how ’bout you? No wonder “do your job” is so foreign to you.

        1. I don’t go online while at work, how ’bout you?

          Well, that would certainly present me with a unique challenge.

    2. Guess what? The job of the President has evolved over the years. Photo ops like this are part and parcel of the position. Considering that the President works every single day, even while on “vacation,” I think there should be some allowances made for momentary downtime.

      As a side note, lighten up. You’ll live longer.

        1. Common, didn’t President Reagan and  have some similar photo-ops? 

          And the quotes around president? Disrespectful to the office, and the citizenry who decides the office. 

      1.  Exactly, associating oneself with popular sporting, acting, business, whatever figures uses the Celebrity proximity effect to build positive public perception. Also, as the head of the country, a meeting is sometimes for the benefit of the other person, as much as many Americans might dislike the current President (or Australians the current Prime Minister), if given a chance to meet with them in their official office because of some achievement, they’d say yes and happily smile for a photo.

        I’m not a terribly huge fan of our previous Premier (similar to a State Governor), but there exists a photo of me smiling in an embarrassingly goofy fashion as a friend shakes her hand. Proximity to power has a strange effect on people.

  1. I think this picture would be more funny if they got a post election picture with Rommy doing that… :)

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