Check out this brilliant fusion of King of the Hill and Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong doesn't get enough respect. Even though Mario is the face of the Nintendo brand, in recent years, his popularity has slowly been usurped by Pikachu and the entire Pokemon franchise, with Link and the Legend of Zelda series waiting in the wings. Where's the love for DK? Lest we forget, Donkey Kong is the franchise that helped Nintendo fully crossover into the world of video games. 

Similar to Donkey Kong, Fox's animated sitcom King of the Hill is also woefully underappreciated. Even though The Simpsons laid the groundwork for the animated family sitcom, King of the Hill refined the concept immensely. Seth McFarlane has previously mentioned that Fox primarily optioned Family Guy to recreate King of the Hill's success.

Despite being from two different mediums and possessing two vastly different fandoms, the YouTuber Udge found a way to merge King of the Hill and Donkey Kong into an awesome meme that should become an actual show.