Pete Namlook, FAX label founder and ambient pioneer, RIP


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  1. mrtut says:

    Aah yet another youth memory tainted!

    Anyhow, is this still listened to?

    From Resident Advisor: 
    Kuhlmann’s daughter Fabia released this brief statement to RA earlier today: “It is with much grief that we announce the passing of Peter Kuhlmann, AKA Pete Namlook. We are still shocked and are working on an official announcement that will follow soon to bring clarity to our minds. As word spreads on the internet more and more we just want to make clear that he died peacefully from as yet unspecified causes on 8th November 2012. We will announce more details as and when they surface.” -

  2. Alex says:

    Namlook made freaking neat noise. Very sad to see him go so abruptly. 

  3. Andy Rubio says:

    F***ing shame, I love his CDs. Do we yet know how / why he died?

  4. paulj says:

    This is sad news. His catalog was a big part of the emusic ambient/electronic collection, and I downloaded a lot of it. He provided the soundtrack to many hours of my life.

  5. drew froning says:

    thanks for the links to the documentary.

  6. Drabula says:

    worst musical news of the year. RIP.

  7. McDrunk says:

    Damn, I just listened to his Season’s Greetings “Winter” just the other day.

  8. blindidiotgod says:

    :-O I had just been listening to the Fires of Ork! Appreciated, and will always appreciate, so many great, seminal works from the FAX label during it’s heyday, and all it has influenced years after. Namlook may be gone but, has certainly left his mark. RIP

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