Short documentary: Why Privacy Matters

Privacy International's 16-minute mini-documentary from DEFCON about privacy is a great, compact answer to the question, "Why does privacy matter?"

Privacy International asked lawyers, activists, researchers and hackers at Defcon 2012 about some of the debates that thrive at the intersection between law, technology and privacy. We also wanted to know why privacy matters to them, and what they thought the future of privacy looked like. This video is a result of those conversations.

Featuring Cory Doctorow, Kade Crockford, Jameel Jaffer, Dan Kaminsky, Chris Soghoian, Marcia Hoffman, Moxie Marlinspike, Phil Zimmerman, Hanni Fakhoury and Eli O.

Why privacy matters


  1. Are there people actively advocating for reduced privacy or is it just an easy direction to slide when we’re not paying attention?  I’d love to see some representation from both sides of the issue in this documentary.

    1. I think it’s moreso that a lot of people have (fairly accurately to my mind) predicted that new technology has essentially killed privacy, and that there’s no going back.

  2. How long can privacy last?
    How long will the privacy that lasts, last?
    The furtherance of intelligence may supersede the requirement for privacy as it is currently understood.
    The archaeologists of the future may be as interested in our entelechy as they are with our interaction and impact on the external world.
    So, what quality of privacy is it currently proper to expect and in what way can the inevitable evolution of that expectation be made amenable to those who currently expect?
    Here’s hoping that the future isn’t too litigious.

  3. Boom, BooM, Boom! Time and again through that video they brought up stuff I hadn’t thought of before, but really made sense. 

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