Earliest Hitchcock film now streaming

Hitchcc You can now stream Alfred Hitchcock's "The White Shadow" (1924), the earliest surviving feature by the director. As I posted in 2011, the "lost" movie turned up in a New Zealand film vault. The film stars Betty Compson as twins, one angelic and one evil. Unfortunately, only half of the film's six reels were found, making it a true cliffhanger.

"The White Shadow" (1924)

"Earliest Surviving Hitchcock Film Debuts on Web" (Hollywood Reporter via Open Culture)


  1. Just to be clear, Hitchcock did not direct “The White Shadow.” He wrote the screenplay and filled several other functions as well, but the director is Graham Cutts. 

  2. It’s streaming because film bloggers got together and raised money for it, and for the preservation of other films, something that’s been happening for a few years. From the National Film Preservation Foundation:

    “The 43-minute presentation, which will run two months, is made possible by contributors from around the world. “Not everyone has the ability to attend the special screenings of The White Shadow in Los Angeles, Washington, or New York,” said Jonathan Marlow, co-founder of Fandor, the curated on-demand movie service that is donating webhosting for the event. “We’re thrilled to play our part in making this fascinating discovery available everywhere.” Fandor’s gift matches cash donations raised through the Internet fundraising drive organized by the 2012 “For the Love of Film” Blogathon, spearheaded by Marilyn Ferdinand, Roderick Heath, and Farran Smith Nehme. The campaign mobilized support from more than 100 film fans across five continents.”

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