Ethereal mermaid lagoon scene from 1924 live action silent film adaptation of Peter Pan

Here's an ethereal mermaid lagoon scene from the 1924 live-action, silent film adaptation of J.M. Barrie's play and novel Peter Pan. I've never seen the film, but based on this scene alone I'm intrigued. 

Usually when I think of mermaids I think of bright colors, but I love the way these mermaids look in black and white: totally dream-like. I need to take a vacation to this mermaid beach asap. 

From Instagram:

"Mermaid Lagoon. Sound. The mermaid scene from the 1924 silent film "Peter Pan". The 1924 Hollywood production was the first film adaptation of the JM Barrie play and novel. It was released by Paramount Pictures and directed by Herbert Brenon."