Orionids in Aspen

"Orionid Meteors over Aspen Highlands and Pyramid Peak," by Thomas O'Brien, shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool. About the photo, Thomas explains:
12 shots stacked into one frame. I shot 750 images and ended up with 35 photos with meteors in them but only used 12 since the rest were very faint.


  1. I’m curious about why these are not radiating from a single point (they’re called the Orionids because the cometary path we’re passing through to produce the shower makes them all appear to radiate from Orion). While you can’t keep the background stars in the same relative position to the landscape over the course of the night, you kind of lose the perspective when the frames are randomly stacked against a static background of stars.

  2. thanks for posting my photo Xeni!

    the background stars move and when that happens the radiant point moves.  I just left them in the same place that i captured them in this shot.  I normally move them around and line them up with the correct radiant for the background stars but it feels like i am just creating a photo rather than taking it when i do that.  i have a bunch of meteor shots like you talk about on my flickr stream.

    1. “The Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak” is especially stunning… that area (western slope) is one of my favorite places to shoot, and winds up on my summer roadtrip map every year.

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