Bong Bong


While traveling in Mumbai, my IFTF colleague Jason Tester visited Boing Boing's flagship marijuana dispensary.


    1. They sell massive bongs that burn tiny MICROBONGS. You inhale the microbongs which continue burning in the lungs, powered by the simple act of breathing! You’ll be getting high without anyone even noticing.

      Hence: The Bong Bong.

  1. i go to boingboing by typing “boing,” letting chrome autocomplete, and mashing enter. thus, i’ve accidentally searched for “bong” dozens of times now.

  2. Tomorrow on BoingBoing: a picture of the smoking ruin left behind after BoingBoing’s savage international copyright and IP lawyers are done with that place. 

    (Picture free-to-share under a Creative Commons license!)

    1. I used to work with a guy named Bong, which is apparently not an uncommon nickname in the Philippines.

      1.  Wow… I had forgotten this, but one of the guys in my biochem lab in grad school was named Du Bong Ha.  I didn’t know him very well, but favorite name ever.

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