Videos of people playing bass flutes

Back when I was a junior-high flute player, I once heard somebody mention the existence of bass flutes. I was instantly intrigued. But, in the days before readily available Internet access, I wasn't able to track down examples of what they looked or sounded like.

Today, YouTube is filled with examples of deep-voiced, husky flutes — ranging from the simply extra-long alto flute to the gigantic subcontrabass flute, which is basically a percussion instrument with some woodwind features.

It's fascinating stuff, and a handy reminder that flutes can do really interesting things ... like improvisational jazz, and beatboxing. I've put together a small playlist of videos. Enjoy!


  1. I was looking through some contrabass instruments  and it seems like the bass trumped is just a baritone? lol

  2. Contrabass wind instruments are great because they make the person playing look tiny/make it look like they’re holding a futuristic superweapon:

  3. Sax mouthpiece on a trombone is pretty awesomely low, I can only imagine what a Sax mouthpiece on a Sousaphone would sound like.

    1.  Dad played one of those for some occasion — didn’t own one (tenor’s as big as we got). It was like a wooden box with a bunch of key extensions on it, and required ridiculous breath control to keep it making a sound.

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