Punk playing cards

The "Urban Punk" card-deck's up on Kickstarter, starting at $10. I especially like the face-cards -- the gas-mask kills me.

We viewed both the physical cards and traditional designs as a “washed out” concrete wall where the bits of stencil-style graffiti imagery are the energizing and vibrant pop. This imagery also alters the traditional court designs into the punk subcultures. The motto is to break out from the norm, be different, be unique.

New Release : Urban Punk Bicycle Playing Cards (Thanks, Scott!)


  1. I think that for a deck of playing cards to be seriously punk it’d have to be missing the seven of spades or something.

  2. you know its a bad economy when hot topic designers are forced to kickstart their trash

  3. Yeah cool and everything but as a reformed poker player I’d be a bit worried about how easy these cards would be to mark. Just saying.

      1. The backs are all the same, yes, but it’s a beautiful and complicated visual design.  Which means it’s very easy to hide marks in.  I love the look of these cards; don’t play with them for serious money.

  4. I’m hearing the ghostly voice of Joe Strummer, singing ‘turning rebellion into money’. I’ve been getting that a lot recently.

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