Thrift Shop by Macklemore

Fantastic song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. He wears your granddad's clothes and looks incredible!

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  1. The Heist is turning out to be one of the unexpected gems of this year.  Macklemore can bring the funny and he can bring the serious (Same Love, Wings, &c) .  Highly recommend everyone who likes rap give it a try, and even if you don’t it’s worth checking out. 

  2. Some more awesome macklemore songs:

    The Magic – – About becoming a buddhist after using psychedelics.

    Otherside – – About overcoming a cough syrup addiction

    Same Love – – About same sex marriage

    This guy’s entire catalog is pretty awesome. And who would have ever predicted five years ago that America’s #1 rapper (at least by top iTunes song) would be a guy who has spent time basically living as a buddhist monk.

  3. I was woke up at 7:45am by a 6 year-old neighborhood drummer, so, assuming I’m not mishearing a lyric here, I know where he can find one for $20. Hell, I’ll pay him $20 to come get him.

    Fun song. Love the shout out to R. Kelly.

  4. I’m no fan of rap or hip hop genrally, but tracks like this are what stops me from dismissing it as a musical genre I will never like. I loved this.

  5. I bought this song yesterday after listening to it several times in the last few weeks, always thinking “this is f***in awesome”.
    Nice to find it here on BB :) Too sad there are not more tracks featuring Wanz on the album, but I think I will buy it anyway, see alexkrupp´s comment.

  6. This video is the epitome of “fun” – which is a lame but completely accurate way of describing it – I find myself watching it over and over again, and enjoying it every time. The song is great, but the video just feels like a party. ALSO, it should be noted that this music video was a completely bootstrapped operation – they basically funded the production of the video themselves and did all the grunt work. It’s a completely authentic in every respect. Very rare these days. 

  7. I love that the first line of the first verse gets right to the point regarding his anatomy.

    So many rappers waste so much time on metaphors.

  8. I’m not really a rap/hip hop fan, but I’ve been a fan Macklemore ever since I saw his performance of his Dave Niehaus tribute (Seattle Mariners play-by-play guy from the beginning of the team until he passed away):

  9. If only there was a song/video captures the same joyous feel of treasure hunting at your local used bookstore…

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