"Same Love" - A Song for Marriage Equality

 Music for Marriage Equality

Music for Marriage Equality is working with Washington musicians to approve R-74, a referendum that will put same-sex marriage to the popular vote on Washington's state ballot in November.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis recorded this lovely song, which includes vocals by Mary Lambert, to benefit Music for Marriage Equality. The cover art (above) for the single is a photograph of Macklemore’s uncles, who served as inspiration for the song and were a model of a committed and loving relationship while he was growing up.

Here's Macklemore on the process of writing the song:

 This song, which I wrote in April, is a response to what I have observed and experienced, and is also an act of personal accountability. It was not easy to write, and I struggled with how I, as a straight male, could genuinely speak upon this issue.

Initially, I tried writing from the perspective of a gay, bullied kid, but after getting some feedback, I felt it wasn’t my story to tell. What I do know, and where I wrote from, is my own perspective growing up in a culture where “that’s gay” was commonplace, with a huge stigma on those who identified and were perceived as gay.

Growing up in the Catholic Church, I saw first-hand how easily religion became a platform for hate and prejudice. Those who “believed” were excused from their own judgments, bypassing the stark issue of basic civil rights.

But, more influential to me as a kid than the church was hip hop, my cultural foundation that influenced my worldview.

Unfortunately, intolerance of the gay community in hip hop is widespread. The best rappers will use homophobic language on albums that critics rave about, making hip hop and homophobia inextricably linked. We have sidestepped the issue entirely, become numb to the language that we use, and are increasingly blinded to our own prejudice.

The consequence and impact of what we say, and the culture of shame and abuse it creates, has very real, sometimes deadly impacts upon LGBTQ young people looking for acceptance and belonging.

You can hear the song now for free (below), buy it on iTunes next week or pick up a limited 7" vinyl single to support marriage rights for everyone.

You can also stay in touch with Music for Music Equality on Twitter and Facebook



  1. Please consider amending your post.  Macklemore is supporting the Approve R74 campaign, he is not trying to defeat the referendum.  Although opponents of marriage equality have created the referendum, it is a “people’s vote” on the law that was just passed to create marriage equality in Washington state.  Therefore, if you approve of marriage equality, as Macklemore does, you should vote to Approve R74.  More information is at  http://washingtonunitedformarriage.org/

        1. Brian and Amy just kind of demonstrated the way out.  It’s not about how many bugs there are, it’s about how fast you fast them.

          1. I think there’s an even easier way out: stop putting peoples’ marriages up for a vote.

            I realize that solution might seem overly simple, but opponents of  marriage equality are universally simple-minded.

    1. Much as I hope that R74 is approved, I really look forward to the day when we stop putting peoples’ basic civil and human rights up to popular vote.

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